Custom Pearl Bracelet

As you can see, we love to do custom bracelets . At all times we sought advice about it, because we know that they are necessary and that sometimes we find those the way we want.

Already brought tips on how to make bracelets with income or bracelets with stones and today’s tutorial teaches how to make customized pearl bracelet in a very easy, quick and with a very low cost. They want to try?

Materials you need:

  • Tape mimosa
  • Line Nylon
  • Needle
  • Pearls

Step by step:

Before you start making bracelet with pearls , measure your arm in the required size of mimosa and ribbon cutting twice the size you need. Fold the ribbon in half, thread the needle with the thread of nylon and then put the first bead (see Note that the pearl should be between the mimosa tape.

Go on repeating the same process of folding the tape, crossing the wire and put the pearl until it has reached the size you want for your bracelet.

When ready, tie a knot in each of the two ends of the strap so that it does not come apart. Finally, you can put a lock or hold the strap with a loop like this, because besides being pretty sure, is super charming.

I hope you have enjoyed most of our tips on how to make bracelet custom! Enjoy also to make bracelets with belts that you no longer use anymore.

Custom Pearl Bracelet