Creative and Inexpensive Ideas to Organize Toys

In this post I will talk about how to get the corner of toys for the children being creative and spending little. I’m going to give you tips and examples of practical solutions using fine materials easy to get or maybe even already have at home. Remember that the more specific we are in terms of storage more independent they are when choosing your games, and also the easier it will be to keep the gear later.

To be able to organize the toys of the children without getting lost is good make enough use of niches, so that’s what we focus on here. Nowadays, there are 1001 solutions to let the view the toys without leaving the House looking like a mess. Basically any type of storage, cloth, plastic, metal, among others, has great potential to fit the function to store toys. Oh, and don’t worry about appearances, because organizers also gain a life of its own in the decoration just to plan the environment already counting on them.

Some suggestions I created and other “borrowed” from the web. All of them however fit perfectly on the idea to recycle or reuse it home on time to organize toys.

Bags of TNT or tissue

Have you ever thought about using those bag protectors of TNT or tissue that often are forgotten in the corner of the closet? Yes, they can be used to store some toys. How about keep Plush Dolls or swords inside them?

Look how easy it is to:

The trick here is to put a stuffed animal out of the bag, to be able to flag what’s inside of him. The same tip, serves for swords:

Swords, another solution is also puts them in a dumpster of high office, or also in an umbrella. Here at home I had a trash can that was perfect for just remaneja it.

Clothes baskets

How about solving the problem of joining them all in a big basket of clothes?

This white boy there, I lent my service area. I wanted to show in the result and to reinforce the idea that often have the solution to our problems in front of us and we do not see. This basket, bereaved, you may be better looking in an open environment, like on a balcony or yard. Here in my house, as the balls are kept in toy room same, I opted for another basket (also) the Tok and Stok, which I thought more interesting to be able to close it with zipper in addition to a colorful in the room.

Well, if you liked the idea but has not or is not willing to buy a new one, a tip is good, cheap buy online at our site, there are good solutions for that, see:

And while we’re talking about in baskets, I found two images on Pinterest to inspire much within this theme recycle. Look that interesting:

Note that both types of baskets are meant to be stuck to the wall, but use as such made all the difference in the time to expose the contents. The red plastic basket that is super simple and common good, got a charm with the description of the content in your lid open. It could also serve to place toys, such as dolls or dinosaurs.Ever imagined a few baskets of these arranged next to each other on the wall? Would a storage well stripped and attractive to the children’s environment. I left the metal Organizer shelves straight to a prominent place on the wall. It was quite interesting and can also be Joker in time to save books or toys. And you don’t have a basket, box, bag of TNT or something left there on your House that you do have the same effect?

Suspended Clothes Organizer

Another tip cheap and easy is that classic clothes Organizer made for cabinets that don’t have drawers. Well, for those who’ve ventured to have one of these (I. ..) knows that in the long term the artifice is infeasible, troncho and basically whole don’t stay so tidy. Yes, but there’s no more reason to get rid of it. Look at this option that I found browsing on Pinterest.

I found this idea as viable to buy again just for this purpose. As the boxes of games are hard, the organizer gets a perfect appearance without getting “troncho”. For those who do not have enough shelves to put games, this is a great option. I put up a few options with prices next just to get an idea. Not bad huh?

Multi-use transparent boxes

These boxes are also a great Joker in storage, since they are all the same style can leave them to vista without problems. They have a great cost benefit and by being transparent helps children in time to play and save. They exist in various sizes and serve to save anything. So for remanejá them is very easy. The day that these toys are no longer occupies them, will have other purposes. For the moment look at who are serving:

Utensils or food jars

Here are two more images from Pinterest that caught my attention.Who has never won as a gift or bought some lovely nuts packed in a big pot and in time to throw out took pity? Yes, depending on the size of the pot you can reuse it as a decorative Organizer. Just choose a toy (preferably the same as will be seen within the niche content, e.g. carts) glue it on the lid of the can and paint all the same color (cover and decorative toy). Look that charm that is:

Noting that child handling the pot should never be of glass. I can’t specify exactly which is the stuff up, but it only serves to illustrate the idea.

Organization and suggestions for baskets and boxes.

I can’t deny that I’m a fan of boxes, especially the colored and decorated. For the children’s room here in my house I opted for colorful boxes, but he didn’t have a place for them, I had a special bench to store them. Yes … The boxes have come before, and from it the whole rest of room decor.

If you’re looking for furniture to help save these niches, sometimes a good idea and a good Carpenter, solve your problem. Here at home was so that arose that I spoke above mobile. I wrote down on paper the measures of the boxes along with the design and gave it to him.The result below, there was exactly what I wanted at a price much more into account that in the store. Sometimes with the right professional and a good idea if you can get great results.

These colorful boxes at the time bought on Oba Architecture, but today there are already similar in Etna and other online options.For example:

Still talking about interesting furniture in the Organization of the niches, there is the option to recycle some of the mobile home. Here the same blog has a post by redeploying the cradle that gives great tips on the subject, worth seeing!

Finally, the success of storage will depend entirely how much child understood what you have prepared for her. The materials used to organize need not be sophisticated but must be within the reach of her and contain a descriptive language easy. I hope that these storage ideas serve to show how one can create a toy corner organized using unusual materials at a low cost.

Below, some images of children’s environments that use niches organizers with creativity and good taste.