Costume Jewelry Vintage Charts

I usually call these works “lace of beads” because they are so delicate and feminine. These vintage costume jewelry really resemble an income. 

Lace of beads for jewelry are beautiful works that are not always hard to do. If you want to take a chance and start making jewelry from beads entwined, in this post you will be able to entertain with 3 very interesting graphics.A graph is a vintage bracelet with pearls, the other is a pair of earrings retro and the third is of a beautiful flower necklace maxi!

1-vintage Pearl Bracelet:

Note: Use seed beads in two different sizes, nylon string, settanyl or other wire for mounting jewelry. The pearls must also be in two sizes. Prefer a very fine needle so you don’t hold smaller beads.

2-retro Earrings:

Note: you will have to use two crystals with square holes on all sides. You must also have 12 beads longer with two holes each.

3-Maxi vintage Flower necklace:

Note: this necklace is all done with small seed beads. Don’t want to use vitrilho because it would be tacky. Prefer the Milky beads and not transparent because you will work with tones in shaded and your line may be appearing on the inside.

If you want to learn even more about vintage costume jewelry, be sure to visit Vintagematters.

And enjoy squirming beads!