Consumer Council Ready with Application

A new application from the Consumer Council makes it possible for you to check your purchase while standing at the store.

Consumer Council launches today a new application which allows you to check your purchase while standing at the store – and therefore make use of the tests from the magazine Think on-the-go.

There have been a number of members of the Consumer Council, which has tested the application and they agree that it is a very user friendly, functional and simple application to use. 

-“It is very user friendly. Usable, functional and simple.I like that you can see all the test in an alphabetical list, and that there is good advice about the various products. But the most brilliant is: “think recommend,” says Frank Hinnerskov who has been testing person.

Our site has also had the opportunity to take a closer look at the application shortly before the release. Our first impression is also that it is a good and very user friendly application.

In addition to access to the application you will have also access to all Tænks tests, as well as “think recommends”.

The app can be downloaded free of charge for the Consumer Council members in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Big. However, it is probably first ready for download in Apple’s App Store in the next week, as it just now is for approval.

Are you not a member of the Consumer Council, you can get a guest membership throughout the month of October for 30 dollars.