Comfortable Positions for Breastfeeding

The act of breastfeeding is always a very special occasion between the mother and the baby. Besides allowing to create a very strong bond between both, it gives tranquility and calm to the baby.

Comfortable Positions for Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is therefore something that should be enjoyable and a quality time between mother and child. However, breastfeeding implies that the body is in an unnatural posture, which may not be comfortable at times.

If you have felt any discomfort when breastfeeding, because of the position used, here you may know some comfortable positions to breastfeed.

Comfortable positions for breastfeeding

Being in a comfortable position to breastfeed is imperative for a successful breastfeeding. Both should be comfortable so that they feel good during the process.

Since breastfeeding is repeated several times a day, and in different places, it is important to know several suitable positions that you can use when needed.

Here are several comfortable positions for breastfeeding.

Position # 1 – Lying
Lie down on the bed, with the breast that is going next to the mattress, and lay the baby in front in a position that allows him to suckle comfortably.

Position # 2 – Sitting with the baby in front
Lay the baby horizontally on your lap and lean your belly on your baby’s.

Position # 3 – Sitting with baby on the side
Lay the baby horizontally, but under one arm, giving the breast that is closest to the baby’s mouth.

Position # 4 – Sitting with baby on your side
Sit on the bed or on the floor in the Chinese position, and with the baby in the position of a horse, with your legs open, give the baby head.

Position # 5 – Standing
Lay the baby horizontally, placing one hand between his legs, hold him and give him the nearest breast.

These are the most comfortable positions to breastfeed, so you can use the one that suits you best where you have to feed your baby. You can also take advantage of various positions to vary and avoid muscle pain and the appearance of mastitis.