Combine Tights-These Pantyhose Make Autumn Legs!

The leaves become colorful, the wind blows fresher, the sun no longer bounces from the sky, but flashes only occasionally between clouds: when autumn replaces the summer, we have to say goodbye to short shorts and short dresses Our legs in the warm months so greeted much freedom.

Do we really have to? No, because thanks to pantyhose we can style our summerly favorite looks without much effort autumn-style! And much more: the wide range of pantyhose with different designs in PinckardDress enriches our fall/winter wardrobe! Elegant, colorful and colorful, we can show you how to combine different tights and create individual outfits that are made for autumn walks, winter citytrips and much more.

Combine Tights: The Whole Range Of Autumnal Leg-Freedom

A pantyhose can be both an eye-catcher of an outfit, but also its base, the basic component on which a look is built. Whether you want to combine classic black, strikingly patterned, colored or even white pantyhose: In terms of the overall effect it is all about what you wear to the pantyhose! Clothes, shoes and accessories are the “direction signs” when tights are combined. If it is an exceptional pantyhose, it does not need much “drumherum”, because then you are mainly your legs in the foreground! You can combine basic pantyhose very flexibly with different styling partners.

Here Are A Few Combination Suggestions That You Can Use To Create Tights For Your New Style Favorites:

Basic tights combine: tights in black or skin tones are the classics in the hosiery area, which fit on many occasions. Both in leisure and business, as well as on festive occasions or to go out, dark or nude tights can be combined without stealing the show. On the contrary: they give your outfit a serious and stylish touch and form a neutral base, with which you are always well-dressed. How to find the perfect Basic tights, you will find below in this post.

Combine colorful tights-from tight to bright: pantyhose is available in almost every conceivable color! With colored pantyhose you put a cool color accent without much effort, which makes itself especially to basic color tones well and “woke” them with their vitality. Wear, for example, an opaque, color-heavy pantyhose to an otherwise simple outfit, such as a comfortable woolen dress in black or gray, and you have already created a striking trend outfit, which can be changed again and again. Casual denim shorts, casual with an Oversize sweatshirt and casual biker boots, elegant blouses and blazers, match colorful tights as well as the keylooks of the season: a suede skirt in the fashionable midi length, for example, lend you with A narrow rolli and a colored pantyhose even more retro appeal. Or the Culotte in Wadenlänge colorful pantyhose combine and thus not only looks, but also compliments! A look with colorful pantyhose looks particularly harmonious when you pick up the color again with accessories or the color at another point of the outfit repeatedly subtly repeats. You can achieve particularly beautiful effects by using the effect of complementary colors: For a cozy dark green knit dress you can combine excellent red tights (nice autumnal are the new berry and Marsala red tones), dark blue warm warm tones neatly!

Combine patterned tights: Whether dotted, striped, checkered, rhombus, floral patterns, abstract motifs or photorealistic prints: pantyhose with patterns are available both in classic form and in true trend variations! They make your legs involuntarily a real eye-catcher. If you like it classic, you can combine it with elegant looks such as excellent dark tone-in-tone pattern pantyhose: delicate patterned fine tights in matt optics look great to a simple dress-gown or a classic costume Most serious look more special and fashionable. On the other hand, you can look bright with colorful patterned tights: they fit into simple basics as well as denim skirt, cardigan, cardigan and comfortable ankle boots as well as extraordinary trend pieces. For example, you can put together a tulle skirt à la Carrie Bradshaw in Sex And The City with a coarse knit sweater and sexy heels and combine a sweet dotted pantyhose.

So You Can Find The Perfect Pantyhose

Fit and size: The perfect pantyhose does not slip, does not cut in and does not fold. If the fabric can be pulled about five centimeters from the body when you wear the pantyhose, you have chosen the correct size. Whether you’re looking at a look, knitted, or made from ultra-fine fabrics, a pantyhose should “sit like a second skin” and give you plenty of freedom of movement. In case of doubt, choose a larger size, then you do not run the risk that the collar is too deep or the gusset between the legs is cut.

Den-number: The quality or fineness of a pantyhose is indicated with “den” (abbreviation for “denier”). The respective denumber describes the yarn weight, ie the weight of the yarn per 9,000 meters. Weigh 9,000 meters of yarn from which a fine pantyhose is spun, for example 20 grams, then this corresponds to a fineness value of 20 den. The Den value of transparent, transparent pantyhose is under 40, of semi-transparent pantyhose, values ​​are between 40 and 60 den, from 60 den, pantyhose as opaque or “opaque” (French for “opaque”).

Color choice: For nude tights it is important to make your own skin tone as exact as possible.To make a skin-colored pantyhose as natural as possible, choose a maximum of one or two nuances darker than your skin tone. Take the “second skin test” by pulling the pantyhose over the back of your hand. Matt-shining pantyhose in nudet tones look more natural and more serious than those with shine. They are more suitable for festive occasions. With thin, transparent or semi-transparent pantyhose you can conceal small blemishes in the summer in the legs. In addition, there are models with special “cooling equipment” in which you will not get sweat even at higher temperatures.

Form-fitting tights: pantyhose with so-called shaping effect ensure that female curves are perfectly placed in the scene. They shape the belly, buttocks and legs gently and look like ordinary pantyhose. They can be combined like a normal pantyhose, because their supporting and / or forming effect is not seen at all!

The choice of shoes: flat, with heel, elegant or sporty? In principle, all types of shoes can be combined with pantyhose – the decisive factor is what statement you want to give your outfit! For autumn and winter, ankle boots and boots for pantyhose combining (ideally lined or with a heat-insulating insole) are suitable due to the extra comfort and warmth.

Care: To make tights look beautiful and retain their shape for as long as possible, they are best washed with lukewarm water with handwash. Simply roll into a towel to dry and gently squeeze out the moisture.In the laundry bag, tights can also be put into the washing machine in the cold or fine washing program, but the dryer is not at all possible, because it damages the elasticity of their fibers-the pantyhose leaks out and loses its strength!

Particularly suitable for autumn are cuddly tights with wool or so-called thermo-function: They are woven from thicker, heat-insulating yarns and their inner side is usually slightly roughened, which makes for a comfortable feeling of warmth when worn. Elegant as warming knit tights, which are available in classic tones, colorful colors and in a variety of patterns, are tights with up to 300 deniers.