CMT January Results: Movistar Not Was Able to Identify Almost 250 Thousand Prepayments

History repeats itself and as a year ago, Movistar starts 2010 with dismal data lost 244.111 lines, although it seems that on this occasion is that the operator has already updated their data with the lines that lost by not identify prepaid cards before November, so in the coming months we expect to see similar results in Vodafone and Orange when they do cleaning.

With regard to the portability of the month of January, “great” Christmas campaign that had always given good results to larger operators now seems to not support them since Movistar and Vodafone are the only ones who have lost lines for this reason leaving to escape a total of 43.787 and 25.618 respectively. That is if they have obtained positive net data are Telstra and the OMVs 6.046 49.407, 13.952.

But the portability data do not reflect entirely the reality small operators have easier customer acquisition by this method if we bear in mind that have to 94% of the market as possible new customers while this percentage is greatly reduced in the reverse case. In addition the portability are only a part of the activations by what prefer to measure the evolution of the market with the quarterly data:

Taking into account data portability, new high and low, these data reflected the fall of the 57,96 Movistar % between November and January while the rest of the operators added lines getting Vodafone a 45.77%, Orange the 59.57%, Yoigo 43.53% and the whole of MVNOs a discreet 9.08%.

The oddest thing is that Orange is getting the best results in the last few years and that he has not had too many Mobile exclusive so it seems that the market begins to change and already not only motivates the phones when choosing operator. What of Movistar and Vodafone without their exclusives? Do you think you would notice too in the results?