CMT February Results: Another Point of View

The report of the month CMT from February 2010 follows in the line of the last few months and if in general, all operators with own network continue to grow, focusing on portability, Movistar and Vodafone are the only ones that give ground for what we are going to make a deeper analysis of these data.

Apart from the main point of positive that Telstra and MVNOs continue, and possibly they will continue ascending net results for a long time for its strategy of low-cost (increasingly more decisive for the users) but also because they have 94% of the market as possible his client and that also helps enough in providing net results.

Focusing is the net results of portability February, Telstra was the operator with a higher gain lines through (+ 40.182), followed by Orange (+ 16.334) and virtual operators (+ 11.141). Movistar and Vodafone gave 24.675 and 42.982 lines respectively although these data are not as encouraging for some, not so bad for others.

If we look at the customers exported or lost in portability, I think that it is also very important to highlight that Movistar, as the operator with more customers, also is having a fewer customers decided to abandon the operator Since it has only stopped to escape during February the 0.66% of its portfolio. Vodafone and Orange are virtually the same percentage of the 0.80% lost while Telstra and the MVNOs are more unfaithful customers or less satisfied to lose by change of operator the 0.91% and 1% respectively.

As regards total high during the last quarter between December and February, Telstra was the most benefited by capturing 41.42% of lines won by operators, followed by Movistar, which is more advanced after his crash last month and reaches the 23.90%. Vodafone gets done with the 20.74%, Orange with the 13.94% and the OMV stagnate at 0%.

These quarterly data are the more realistic take account of data portability, new high and low but to better assess the evolution, we will compare these data with the February of 2009 and we will see the results are not as scandalous as what sometimes is meant to though if you can see a (logical) change in the market trend.

Along with this data and knowing that there are currently a total of 52.527.777 lines in Spain, Movistar would have then with 22.85 million, 16.05, Orange 10.64, 1.48 Yoigo Vodafone and the OMV with 1.52 million, which means that all operators have grown While the cake is distributed with slight variations in the percentage.