Choosing a Fixed Gear Bike

Cyclists and are looking for the perfect medium to go faster, the fixed gear bike suits you best. It is in fact used on track because it can do without additional parts like brakes and transmissions, which allows a greater agility. Its use is not limited only to stroke: lately has spread to America between citizens who want to move through traffic as fast as you can. In Italy the bikes must have a system that can allow a braking, then always choose a bike with brakes. For greater clarity on the choice of your fixed gear bike followed this guide that will show you the tips for a better choice.

Why choose a fixed gear bike

First of all, if you want to ride uphill or hiking, the purchase is not recommended. The fixed gear bike is suitable for urban or flat stretches, so first make sure of your choice. The pedals also, being always on the go, preventing to fold well. Nothing prevents you still buy it to try a new experience, something that might make you some trouble at first but eventually much convenience, given its greater agility.

Opt for agility

The fixed gear bike is more manageable than a regular bicycle. As mentioned above, has no brakes and gears, the braking is made possible by a heeled backward and is recommended for urban cyclists who move into town.

Feel the lightness

The fixed gear bike is no shock to hear greater communication between road and cyclist. Can also weigh 8 pounds, and thanks to its weight is carried to the shot, easy handling and responsiveness.

You can also enjoy yourself with simple stunts, like stay balanced when stationary, do zigzag between cars in town, riding with no hands effortlessly … and you will no longer have the problem of falling chain!.

Do exercise

This type of bike, as you know, makes a heeled able to brake. So then come into play leg muscles that are not used with normal bicycles. In addition to the classic ride, so the fixed gear bike will train your legs to bear a greater fatigue with the braking system that will employ the rider.

How to choose the fixed gear bike models

Fixed gear bikes can be found in bicyclebazzar. The marks are recommended Cinelli, Italian, and State: the first is the most expensive, and bikes can cost around 700-800 euros, while the second model can cost 400 euros.