Choose Online Degree Glasses Frame

A Quick And Practical Guide For You Who Is Afraid To Buy Grade Glasses Online

You went to the ophthalmologist and he already indicated grade glasses for your visual correction, right?Then you’re all tense-or tense-to choose a frame.

We want to make this moment even simpler and more practical for you, without having to waste time going to various locations, dealing with traffic and still spending money on parking and fuel!

Shop The Internet

Is very simple and for sure you already have this habit for some time.And as here in the eótica we know of the importance of the right choice, we prepare some benefits so that you do not have fear when buying. See you!

Exchanges And Returns

Bought and did not like it? Did not you stay the way you wanted to? Was it wide? Do not worry! You may request the exchange or return of the product within 30 days after receipt, either by purchase regret, delivery error or defective product.

This is all to provide peace of mind for you!

Virtual Mirror

It is possible to “taste” virtually the Lema21 brand sunglasses, you know? And it’s super simple!

On the Lema21 product page, you click on the “virtual mirror” option and it will open a screen for you to choose a photo from your computer gallery, or take a picture at the time using your webcam.

It’s pretty cool and you can spend hours “experimenting” with the glasses, sharing on social networks to ask for help from friends and not make a mistake in the choice.

Try At Home

This service is also incredible and available for Lema21glasses. You can choose up to 4 models of the brand and receive them at home. They stay with you for 4 days to use, taste, take photo, ask your friends’ opinions …

That’s easy, right? If you want to know more about Lema21 glasses, click here:

Personal Stylist

Still had doubts? How about the help of a professional?

Here in the eótica, we offer a Personal Stylist to give you tips and choose 4 models that most match with you. It is based on the shape of your face, your skin tone and eye color.

Know The Measurements Of The Glasses

This tip is very cool and few people know. However, it is very important for you to buy based on the measurements of the glasses you already have at home.

Of course, the measurements do not have to be exact, but you can get a sense of whether the glasses will be too big or too small. With these measures, you hit the fly!

Just compare your model’s measurements with the description on the eOtica website. Oh, and if by chance time has erased the measurements of your glasses, do not worry. You can measure with any ruler and follow this same orientation. Usually the measurement comes in millimeter, okay?

Measurements are Lens, Bridge and Rod.

Exclusive Service

In addition to all these services to facilitate your purchase, we have a team of weight here the eótica ready to answer you and take all your doubts.

Now you no longer have excuses not to buy glasses online.