Cheap Bikinis and Swimsuits

For the pool or the beach, we took a look at the collections of swimsuits summer 2013. What have increasingly less to envy to the bikini.

The sea with charm and refinement, blinking more than showing: If this is the spirit with which you approach the summer that you can not look at these proposals swimsuits lines of beachwear in 2013. And if you had not thought of that, know that it seems that this year the entire go fashion more than ever-the very rich of brand catalogs underwear, beachwear or more sports.

Also great for those of us who do not feel quite ready to test costume, or did not really want to put their curves in a bikini in this summer 2013 approaching the swimsuit can become our glamor element the beach, and harnesses the latest trends in prints and colors, ranging from very chic models to other more wearable and saucy.

Decathlon and Calzedonia: from the pool to the beach

Peek a little ‘between the catalogs: start with Decathlon and its swimsuits good for both the beach and for the pool: Hawaiian print one piece swimsuits for the entire round neckline with v-necks and two opposite each other, from the triangle to scarf with pleats around neck, back from very open to the closed and otherwise Sgambati, but simple and wearable even the most timid of us.

Tip instead of a very strong sensuality Calzedonia: an entire shaping very 70s and very provocative, with the elegance of the black band at the very low-cut triangle, for a collection that features all the trend colors and many shapes to choose from .

Inserts and prints for H & M and Mango

Games inserts and metal decorations H & M, and colors such as green and purple. Youth and a little ‘Lolita, comfortable swimsuits to blink in comfort. As well as those of Mango, playing with prints in both the triangle pattern and ribbon closure on the neck, zigzag, both die-cut polka dots.

Get Noticed: Parah sensuality, Victoria’s Secret, or We Are Handsome prints?

They also like us to do well in a cocktail poolside from Parah: sophisticated and elegant swimsuits, including fashion cuts, embroideries that embellish the neckline and inserts macramé, and hot as we expected is the Victoria’s Secret collection, including slits , straps on the back and embellished by gold triangles. Difficult to pass unnoticed even with one of the swimsuits of We Are Handsome: straight or twisted straps, crew neck or belt, and at least prints imaginative and varied, to feel a tiger or dream a fairy castle.

Bikini, swimsuit… or both

Seduce, show all your creativity or just have a cocktail on the beach: full costumes for every occasion. You just have to choose. That you will put in your suitcase: bikini or swimsuit? We vote for both.