Charm Bracelets

The best known brands in Brazil are the Vivara and Pandora. It also has some inspired as Cupid, Queen’s Life, Soufeel and MaBerloque, if you buy search because I don’t know any. There are several shops selling the bracelets and trinkets, known as Morana to Baron de Paranapiacaba stores, better known as Gold Street, certainly some fits your style and budget.

Around here, when the subject is that the question is usually Pandora or Vivara, is in doubt. Check out some points on the Board, but the most important thing is that the Vivara bracelets are narrower and so their pendants are usually smaller and incompatible with the Pandora. On the other hand, the Vivara is brazilian, have our DNA and offers regional options. Their shops are easily found and have e-commerce. The Pandora is compatible with various brands of the so-called European style, or Pandora style. The brand offers a greater variety of bracelets, their stores are in a few locations, but there is the e-commerce.

I didn’t have the bracelet until you decide to wear a bracelet with antique trinkets. I was in only the Vivara bracelets malleable. Point to Pandora offering bracelets, plus I was in love for the trinkets of famous international icons. I missed some as the Golden Gate and the pyramids of Egypt, but once the idea is launched, they appear.

Outside that universe is much larger, explore other possibilities; even has someblogs exclusive on the subject. There there are several brands like Chamilia,Trollbeads, Brighton, StoryWheels, Persona and even artisans on the market.

The best-known brands tend to be easier to find in stores, dealers or on eBay and Amazon, have smaller ones tend to be marketed via e-commerce. Again there are options for everyone, for example, Brighton offers pieces Cook products are silver, but no less delicate. The pendants are a Cutie Pie, many of them open, have internals or are differentiated. The Persona, in addition to the beautiful muranos, has some mother of Pearl pendants and others that allow recording.

Best of all is the possibility to search, discover and compose your mix and match, with so much diversity visual high and low is great! Check out other options of bracelets here, tips on trinkets in this post and my mix and match here.