Mediatek Executive Forum: Here’s the Present and Future of Chipmaker

Is taking place in London the second edition of MediaTek Executive Forum, an opportunity to take stock with the taiwanese chipmaker on the latest device assembling their SoC, some already known and others waiting to debut on the market. The 2015 was particularly positive for MediaTek, as negarl: the portfolio has expanded relentlessly, solutions for medium and […]

Finally, Palm for Sale

The picture could not be more descriptive. Palm it is hot and is not for less. The injection of capital from Elevation Partners, the departure of Ed Colligan and the arrival of different Executive with a track record of success at Apple, including the own Jon Rubisntein, have not stopped the company from Sunnyvale who […]

Lenovo Could Buy Palm

Since the collapse of Palm years ago, both in sales and in prestige, seems as if a tag balance pendiera permanently from it. First it was Apple and now it seems that rumors pointing towards Lenovo as a potential buyer of the American company After the last collapse of its stock price, largely because of the poor […]

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