Fishing at Water Level

It lto fishing is one of the activities most antiguasdel man as a social species. Moreover, it was a major factor that defined the development of skills that helped lay the groundwork for the rise of civilizations. The proteinay fatty acid from fish played a momentous role in the increase in brain capacity and thus social and intellectual […]

Fishing Lures: the Shakers

There’s a strange Jig from overseas, which was further developed into a shaking bait with a front metal shield. Stefan Tiedemann is fully convinced of this unusual lures. Monthly greets a new bait from overseas. Recently, there were a few Chatterbaits by FishArrow. It’s a kind of Fransenjig, where a curved metal plate in a trapezoid shape is […]


The Pike is a predator who has settled now in Europe. The exceptions to this are Greece, Dalmatia, and Iceland as far as it is known. Also is a variation of the local Pike in regions of Asia, and North America. In North America, the Pike called Pike, for example, a Northern. The Pike in all waters is generally […]

Shimano Carp Days

Your big chance: This year, the Shimano carp days will be held for the first time… Sign up now and join! Spend a few days together with the team tribal Germany and experts by Becker Fishing Tackle at the Lake and benefit from their experience – this is the concept of this new event. From the 07.06. […]

Lifestyle Sunday

Reads great, does not it? Lifestyle Sunday #101-the magical #100 edition was passed last Sunday and still goes on as usual. Since last Sunday I have again taken an eventful working week, and everyday life has brought with it its challenges, but you certainly know.

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