Buy LED Lamps With Warranty

Warranty?-Voluntary warranty on LED bulbs-extremely important

several years voluntary guarantee that they are convinced of the quality of their products. Customers should consult before purchasing exactly whether the provider is pure on statutory warranty obligations or whether voluntary warranties on the products purchased. The statutory warranty period is according to § 438 German civil code 24 months where after six months which occurs say so-called burden of proof the buyer must after the 6 months the seller to prove that the delivered product already had a defect in the design.

Because very few buyers will succeed, a complaint of defective products can be very difficult or impossible as a result. You can find detailed information about warranty here.

As a customer or buyer, we recommend to inform whether the provider in addition 3 one voluntary warranty of for example 2, 5 years just prior to the purchase or more. This decision is our opinion is extremely important because only in this way can ensure that also hold the LED lamps and LED spotlight or be exchanged free of charge in case of problems and to have fun on saving energy with LEDs.

Warranty obligations and voluntary warranty

One such guarantee is voluntary but practiced by many reputable and professional lighting providers or offered. The additional guarantee in no way affects your statutory warranty rights.We offer a voluntary guarantee bearings with LED generally in addition to the legal warranty on all product for over two years. Bioledex brand LEDs also have an extended warranty period of three years. The Philips master series we offer with a five year guarantee. Should fail in this period the product you have bought or suffer a defect, you get a free replacement delivered by us or the product wirdkostenlos repaired.

LED service life up to 50,000 hours – sure?

Because what brings them a life duration of up to 50,000 hours of individual LED chips if for example the upstream electronics already after z.B.7000 hours gives up the ghost or is no longer operational. In this case also the no longer led chips although the lifetime of the LEDs is not long yet. A reputable provider no later then it is very important to have the one also in problem cases replaced the bulbs free of charge. Our opinion after it is not acceptable that bulbs with up to 50,000 hours life span be touted LED these are already no longer functional but often after less than a year. Since we dissociate us from such offers or are convinced of the quality of our product offer we will two years a voluntary warranty on all of our products.

High quality GU10 LED with warranty is available in Ledlightsclassified.