Brilliant Cut – the Classic Among the Forms of Cut Diamonds

The classic round brilliant is regarded as the most popular diamond in the jewelry sector

A diamond is a diamond round cut in a special way. The classical brilliant cut diamonds are characterized by unique light-reflecting properties and a strong shine. Through a circular surface, which separates the upper half of the diamonds from the lower – called also girdle – and the brilliance of the diamonds in this type of cut is most optimized a minimal number of 56 facets (32 facets in the upper part and Panel and 24 facets on the bottom).
The name derives brilliant brilliant cut from the French word, meaning as much as “shiny/bright”. The brilliant cut was further developed in 1910 from the “old-cut dating from the middle ages”, was used many centuries in the jewelry sector. A very high top and bottom and a conspicuously large Culet previously characteristic, making the light into the diamond was not perfectly reflected. Researchers dispersion and hardness have hired due to the hand of the physical properties of a diamond such as refraction, a variety of theoretical calculations to achieve an optimal Lichtrefelektion and thus brilliance by appropriate proportions and symmetry conditions. So diamonds easily today by application of the brilliant cut right to full glory “grind your way”.

The brilliant cut is the cut most frequently by far in terms of jewelry. Therefore it has become today strongly, to equate the concepts of diamond and diamond, what is wrong in fact. The diamond can be described as “Raw material” that brilliantly handled by grinding to the “final product”.