Brief Swimwear

Someone there will spend their holidays in the northern hemisphere? I’m packing my bags for the summer-I will go through several beach towns and relax on a cruise.

So the bikini (or swimsuit) is essential and very important item according to bikinirevival. A lot of people don’t care, focusing more on body and forgetting that these pieces also follow trend and are part of your style. Someone super demure won’t be able to go to the beach of thong, right?

In addition to the category “body type” and which model works best to disguise or enhance our features, it’s worth thinking about patterns, fabrics, applications and even colors that are in fashion. We will analyze the trends for style?

-Ethnic Bikini: pieces with embroidered beads, shells, tassels and even the made in crochet are super high. The latter have already entered and have fallen out of fashion several times, so those who do not get rid of the crochet bikini from another time you can take it out of the closet. Use with mix of ethnic necklaces, bracelets, leather short shorts jeans well worn and Beach type poncho, everything to complete the hippiestyle. Knit Swimsuit, Amir Slama, at Farfetch .

-Sports: Bikini pieces in neoprene, with fluo colors and zipper. Embrace the surfer style and use larger modeling, as tops that go up to the waist and panties like hot pants. Away from the sand, combine it with parts in jeans as monkeys and jackets with band t-shirt size XL. Feet the white sneakers will bring urban air to look. Neoprene bikini, Triangl.

-Flowery Bikini: the prints in high are the girls like liberty. To make it even more, how about using the top florida and lisa? Or, to be even more daring, make a mix of prints: Roses English girls on top + large flowers Hawaii style, liberty print + vichy … If your pattern is flowers Zander modernize the look with matching khaki-coloured parts worth hats, shorts or pockets. Top stamped Salinas and Dolce & Gabbana Plaid knickers, both at Farfetch.

-Bikini in pastel shade: clear skins are not as valued by parts in these tones. Not to keep children’s air, bet on Add-ons more lit, like gold necklaces, mirrored glasses in vibrant tones and a metallized beach bag. Pink bikini, ACK at Farfetch.

-Black bikini: this was last for a special reason. Nothing to use them at the beginning of the season, when we’re still with that color of Office on the skin. This color looks good in fur already Tan, unless you wanted to make the line Dita Von Teese. Choose textured models or with light (light!) brightness, that will make a difference in the sand, taking your beach look boring. To go from the beach to the restaurant, add shorts or pants, a top marine white pantaloons and flats incremented. Ahhh … and if you roll a ballad, combine Black swimsuit with a bottom lame, “so 70s”. Strapless Bikini, Brigitte at Farfetch.

And there? Already excited to assemble the bag?