Breastfeeding Armchair

Breastfeeding is a very special moment between the mother and the baby, and still has tremendous value for the health of your child.

Breastfeeding Armchair

However, when the mother breastfeeds, she can not always have a comfortable position that allows her to fully enjoy these moments.

For these mothers there is a solution. Find out more about the breastfeeding armchair, its advantages, and how to choose the ideal model.

Advantages of breastfeeding armchair

Most moms, when breastfeeding their baby, even looking for a comfortable position on the bed or sofa, end up suffering from back pain.

The rectilinear position and flexed arm to hold the baby for an extended period of time will make breastfeeding a little uncomfortable.

The armchair comes to solve this problem, because it is specially designed for that moment and to make it comfortable and relaxing.

The breastfeeding armchair supports your lower back as well as armrests, which will prevent the usual back pain at this stage. In addition, the armchair turns out to be a resting place for the mother, and can also be used in other activities with the baby, such as having him on his lap, singing or telling stories.

Models of Breastfeeding Armchairs

How to choose the model of breastfeeding armchair

There are numerous models of breastfeeding armchair, and you can easily find the ideal armchair for you and your home.

Among the various models for sale, you can find swivel, with and without balance, with several coatings, and also, with different styles, from the most modern to the most classic.

When buying your armchair, you should be aware of its coating. If you can, you prefer skin, since it will be much easier to clean. And in the early days, it is normal to get stung during breastfeeding. For the same reason, try to run away from white.

Another point to keep in mind is the height and if you have foot support. For younger women, this can be a problem, because if you do not have this support, you end up sinking in the armchair, losing some of the comfort you want with it.

If you have the opportunity, try before you buy. This way you will be able to see if the lumbar support and the footrests are enough to keep you right and comfortable in this position.

Finally, there are several styles of breastfeeding armchair in the market, you can also choose one that matches the decoration of the baby’s room or yours, making this space even more pleasant.

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