Blackboard Vinyl: A Very Useful Novelty

Decorative vinyl we created here are those who prioritize the usefulness and the style of vinyl, other factors that in the eyes of our brand, give less guarantees of success.

In that sense, slate vinyl not only impose style to the room where they are installed, but they they serve for something.

The Slate Vinyl Applications

Such is the case of a vinyl of slate in the kitchen, where can write down things that have to buy to the shopping list mode.

In a child’s room a slate vinyl can be used to give free rein to the imagination of the child where instead of hanging a slate, paste a slate wall vinyl prevents the walls serve as foils for them.

On the other hand, vinyl in style office rooms, can serve asreminders and appointmentsBoard, as if it were an agenda.

Ultimately, what is to use those vinyl, that have a deliberate target, and that serve as a means of family communication, especially in those cases where there are complicated days that do not or to find paper and pen, and… What better way to leave a message, with chalk on a blackboard on the wall decorative vinyl?.

That is the way in which we want to show our customers that vinyl is much more than a decoration, initiate a different style in your home, and are presented in many formats such as people, since they can also be customized.

Types Of Slate Vinyl

As already mentioned above, slate vinyl are in a thousand ways, and we make them taste of the consumer.

With animal shapes, shapes geometric, with message, with original forms, in tabular form weekly, for messages of love heart shape,… Everything is possible with this so striking option.

Can also be ordered by meters, i.e. If you want is to cover a wall of a kitchen, or any room in your home, can you tell us what needs and we cut you vinyl you need, without forms, concrete-edged, in the way that it wants, if something is original and attentive to the needs of the customer.

Features Of The Slate Vinyl

This type of vinyl with a functionality without limits, advocate to be helpful in any environment possible, both in a House, and in a kindergarten, as in offices or workshops, a slate vinyl is much more than a decoration on the wall.

The characteristics that define this kind of vinyl are also very advantageous, and several one and perhaps the main one is that they can be washed often to be necessary, unless it deteriorates, and leaving the space of the slate for new works of art by children in the House, for example.

Another important feature is that the possible size that choose clients, if you change opinion at the last moment on the place where to install it, the dimensions tend to be so comfortable, that you will not have problem in finding a new site for its slate vinyl.

On the other hand, the possibility of using them as calendar, quick notes, or folios for children, provides a versatility that is worth checking in your home.

Blackboard Vinyl: Style And Comfort

Decorative vinyls are part of a new style of decoration in homes and offices, which is really creating a trend of fashion and style of the day.

In any environment that you want to modify, modernize or innovate, a vinyl of these features has a place, and if so connected, a slate vinyl is installed, success is two-fold, by the decorative touch that brings and the utility that you get to give.

Ultimately, gets comfortable, cheerful, helpful and decorated surroundings, with an element that does not occupy a site, does not make holes in the wall, and the use that is given daily, there are always things that do, drawings made, and letters to learn.

For all these reasons, we think it deserves to learn, to know how we work, and our customers to check that what you are talking about is true. A vinyl of Slate at home or in their office, they will delight those who use it, and everyone will want to have yours!.