BITS: an Application to Create Your Custom Widgets

Sometimes widgets that exist for Android partially not conform to our needs or simply like to customize every detail. A few months ago we have seen how such Make your clock It allowed us to create our own widgets to display the time on the desktop.

If this application we knew just now with BITS We can go further and create widgets that, in addition to showing the time, allows us to add other types of information as for example the weather forecast, atmospheric pressure, the direction of the wind or humidity, among many others.

BITS part of a concept similar to Make Your Clock. When we go to add a new widget allows us to set in a kind of canvas where placing the different elements to subsequently configure.

The variety of options and data that we can put in the widget is really great. In the screenshots you can see some of them. If we are of those who like us have much weather information at hand the truth is that it is worth to set up a widget with BITS.

The Editor really works well and allows us to move the objects quite easily as well as sort them in different layers so they don’t overlap and we rank them.

It is true that bit is not as nice as e.g. MIUI Weather or Aix Weather but with a little skill and patience can make widgets of course practical and quite eye-catching. Perhaps are you miss any other template to facilitate the process.

At the moment the application is in beta phase and it will expire two months by what can sense that the developer will rise soon a stable version to the Android Market or the Amazon App Store.