Best Water Bottles for Cycling

On bicycle tours, an adequate fluid intake is important. Regardless whether you drive a lowland or mountain tour, the body loses fluid through sweating constantly. Even small fluid deficits can reduce the efficiency of the body. To compensate for the loss of fluid, you should drink enough on all tours and carrying drinks.

There are different systems for the transport of the drink. The most cyclists use bike water bottles that are attached to the bicycle frame in the shirt, backpack or in the bottle holder.

Bike water bottles there are mostly in three materials: plastic, aluminium or stainless steel.

Plastic water bottles

Water bottles made of plastic are extremely easy and cheap production as manufactured by Waterbottlesshop. Therefore, they are certainly the most widely used bottles among cyclists. There are plastic water bottles for a euro and partly the 750 ml variants weigh just 60-70 grams. Thus they are ideal of course for all who pay attention to every gram bicycle equipment.

But this type of bottle has not only advantages. Often criticized is the lack of taste neutrality. Everyone knows it, that water takes a plastic taste after some time in the plastic tab.

To get more exposure to plasticizers and Bisphenol A (BPA). In recent times, therefore the call for contaminant-free water bottles is getting bigger. Some manufacturers are already advertising with non-toxic products. These bottles are then of course no longer available for 1-2 euros. Your own health should be the more investment but value.

Aluminum water bottles

Water bottles made of aluminum are heavier than their plastic counterparts, usually a 750 ml bottle weighs about 150-165 grams and is about 100 g heavier. For this you have here but no problems with plasticizers or BPA. However, aluminium is also not conducive to health…

The following quote to aluminum water bottles can be found in a report by Öko-Test:

“They […] Laboratories filled levied acetic acid solution into the bottle; This corresponds to a fruit Spritzer. Eight bottles were already at 20 degrees Celsius aluminium, twelve were at 60 degrees. With increasing heat, so increases the risk that the substance causes. “

Source: our site (January 2005)

Some manufacturers also point out that battered aluminum bottles no longer guaranteed is that no aluminium is emitted. Bottles are so Oh no guarantee for healthy bike bottles.

Also when cleaning aluminum water bottles, you should observe the manufacturer’s instructions and use any abrasive cleaners, because here the aluminium damaged can be drawn.

Water bottles made of stainless steel

Stainless steel water bottles are certainly the toughest water bottles on the market. They are also the hardest. A 800 ml bottle of comparison weighs already 180-190 grams and is about 25 grams heavier than an aluminium and about 120 grams heavier than a plastic water bottle. With this extra weight, Gewichtsoptimierer do hard already.

It is so far unknown, stainless steel water bottles to emit pollutants. They cleaned very well and have a long shelf life, even if they are dented.


Who brings the additional weight from the version, should rely on bottles made from high quality stainless steel. Is but time lacks the weight saving can be still on a plastic bottle.

Who needs the lightest bottles variant for the mountain bike or road bike, should make sure at least that the bottle is free of harmful substances. Either you trust in the manufacturer’s instructions or researched in relevant tests and test reports.