Best Sleepwear for Kids

To sleepwear We do not usually pay as much attention as to outerwear, but it must be done equally. Sleepwear for infants as children should be comfortable, easy to remove and replace, washing, and to be able to be done with good fabrics. Currently brands of clothing designed some very nice Pajamas with funny and cheerful prints… In Babies and more We bring you more cool children and baby pajamas.

Best Sleepwear for Kids

Pajamas for baby and child

  • Of baby in white with penguins in organic cotton print Pajama’s Zara Mini, for 12.95 euros.
  • Pack of two pyjamas with striped print and giraffe kids drawing of H & M, for 14.99 euros.
  • Bag sleeping cotton velvet with embroidered finish of Kiabi, for 19.99 euros.
  • Plus size pajama velvety patterned in blue sky and white clouds of Hoticle, for 7.99 euros.
  • Pajamas for infant short sleeve in blue and grey trousers with print of stars of Zara Kids, for 12.95 euros.
  • Classic Pajamas infant with short pants and patterned vichy in blue and Red trim of Cotton Juice, per 15.95 EUR.

Pajamas for infant and child

  • Pack of two pyjamas in organic cotton baby girl with sleeve ruffles and stamped design of H & M, for 12,99 EUR.
  • Pajamas baby patterned red moles, tie and elbow pads of Petit Bateau, for 25,80 euros.
  • Kids pyjamas in white with pink print and lace of romantic style of Cotton Juice, by 12.75 euros.
  • Of baby in pink and white polka dot print Pajama’s Neck and Neck, for 11 euros.
  • Long sleeve Nightgown with Hello Kitty striped pattern of Vertbaudet, by 15,99 EUR.
  • Top cotton Pajamas red print of Apple, Apple and polka dot pants from Gap, for 19.95 euros.

The day September 11, 2010 held the night in white in Madrid and activities for the kids that are being proposed is the night of the children. The goal is to build chained urban actions having as protagonist the toys and their owners.

The Matadero Madrid It will be the headquarters of a facility for the orderly exchange of toys between the Madrid children, who become, well, actors and spectators at the same time. Each child to bring a toy can be another change, and voluntarily, may deposit its data in a mailbox, identifying the toy that has donated.