Best Pillow for All Sleepers

Only too happy the Germans access to the usual 80 × 80-centimeter standard pillows. It really is logical, because at this size, the bedding always fits. but What hardly anyone thinks this pillow shape is not suitable for everyone. A pillow should support the sleeper ideal. This is the case when the cervical spine is in extension of the thoracic spine. Therefore, there is not even THE pillows for all. We are built differently, have different sleeping habits and need therefore also different pillows. Otherwise we feel braced morning or even head and neck pain. You need the right pillow for your sleep type.


The probability is high that you’re a side sleeper, since about two-thirds of people sleep in this way. Side sleepers are at risk of overextending their neck unilaterally. If you use too high or too flat cushion, head and spine are no longer in a line – preprogrammed and neck pain.

Your Pillow: The perfect pillow for side sleepers is particularly short – for example 40 × 80 centimeters. This pillow shape really is just the head on the pillow. That’s wichig because if the side sleepers used the standard format, he is tricked the shoulders on the pillow lay. If the shoulders increases the spine is not a straight line more. The height of the pillow you should be chosen such that the head to the shoulder is at a right angle – so choose a rather higher pillow. You can be oriented to the width of your shoulders, to find the right height you.


Approximately 20 percent of people are sleeping prefer on the back. This type of sleeper moves compared realtiv little – why his pillow should be adjusted precisely.

Your cushion: back sleepers need to be careful that their neck is not overstretched. Therefore, in such the side sleepers also, the region between the head and shoulders are required. However, the pad should be still lower than the type side sleepers. Otherwise the head at night too far toward the chest could be pressed. If a back sleepers too high, it is easy to stiff neck with side sleepers cushion.


The belly sleepers have a rather unfavorable sleeping position for the cervical spine. Many tend to dispense entirely with a cushion.

Your pillow: So that the neck will not be charged additionally by a too strong bending, this type of sleeper should use a very flat pillows, otherwise the neck is overstretched. The cushion of belly sleepers are usually the flattest. Feather and down pillows are suitable for this group very well, because you can sink very deeply into these pillows.

Have you rediscovered you with a sleep types? Yes? Super, then you know now which pillow form is the best for you. On the website pillow test you can check out comparison charts, which cushions are the best performers for the respective type of sleeper.


Of course, hardly anyone stays in sleep always in the same position. But in the choice of pillows you should consider yourselves as you is most of the night. Since most mixed sleeper between back sleepers and side sleepers switch back and forth, they thus require a pillow, which is well suited for several positions.