Best Lighting for Reading and Studying

In connection with today’s school life often falls keywords as power loss, lack of concentration or hyperactivity. With light or a suitable lighting can help to create a motivating learning environment for students. But to what extent can lead to light learning outcomes?

Dynamically Adjusted Lighting Conditions In The Classroom

Firstly, the illumination is in the first place is an important prerequisite in order to recognize information. But light has to be considered in addition to the brightness even under other aspects, because it also contributes to the well being of a person in. Colored light is learning positively influence prove können. Verschiedene studies that the learning performance of children is positively influenced by dynamic colored light. Teachers found that in classrooms rose with blue light, the concentration and it sank the unrest and the frequency of errors. Where they learned and taught, high demands are placed on the lighting design. Whether in hearing, or reading rooms, laboratories and workshops-the lighting has to be changed by different lighting needs of different users and their activities.

Good Lighting Conditions For The Reception Of Knowledge

The different learning situations should by any means be ignored: in the morning, at the beginning of the lesson, provides a lighting level that the natural daylight is very close to the corresponding energy. Creative work benefiting orange light. An appropriate lighting is therefore important for the acquisition of knowledge. Insufficient or unsuitable light strains your eyes and may have a negative impact on the learning process. The consequences are poor concentration, lack of motivation and can cause symptoms, such as fatigue or headaches.