Bering Jewelry

As a major jewelry lovers I’m always looking for new brands, which convince with unique sparkling creations.

The Danish success brand  Bering ‘s many primarily because of their high quality watches a term-while the It-Label can do much more!

Bering Jewelry

The celebrated jewelery collections of Trend-fire have pulled me immidiately. Discovered now, this irresistible shiny must-haves and let yourself be enchanted by the extraordinary Bering aesthetics!

Bering: The Story of the successful brand

The success story of Danish It-fire begins at the northernmost point of the world. When the founder and adventurer René Kaerskov in 2008 after a daring parachute jump over the Arctic, looking at the beauty of the landscape, it is an idea.

He decides to launch a fire that subscribes to all the purist aesthetic of eternal ice. A short time later, he founded the current It-Label Bering, which he named after the Danish navigator Vitus Bering.

It is not long before his young company that initially only exclusive watches for women and men produced  some success and international attention generated.

No wonder: The creations of the company are characterized by wonderfully clean, minimalist designs that are based on the clear, schnörkelose aesthetics arctic landscapes.

Bering is an additional benefit a perfect workmanship, quality materials and advanced technology.

In this company’s founder Kaerskov sets in the production of his designs particularly like to high-tech ceramics. This exceptional material is not only very light, extremely resistant and anti-allergic, but also allows ultra-flat designs that look very modern .

In addition, features of the fabric over a tremendously smooth surface which ensures an incomparably comfortable. Encouraged by the success of sleeken timepiece, Bering produced now also wonderful jewels that inspire with well rectilinear forms and a timeless elegance.

Bering: Unique jewelry for style professionals

The Scandinavian trend-fire is also their jewelery collections on their characteristic clean design and innovative technologies. So convinced the popular and timeless Arctic Symphony Collection, for example with the unique twist and Change System.

This ingenious mechanism allows you, the individual rings in this collection freely combined according to your personal taste together.

The sparkling it-pieces that can be worn separately of course, are in this case divided into so-called inner and outer rings.

The only thing you have to note is the inner ring to choose a growing number than the outer ring, so the two elements fit together.

The great thing about this idea: The precious it-pieces are available in many different versions. The possible connections are so so nearly infinite. Whether ceramic, stainless steel, yellow or rose gold whether decorated with crystals or with shimmering Sparkling-surface-you can choose when putting together your personal favorites free from various colors and textures.

I combine particularly like rings with different coatings. The reason: These so-called bi-color designs are currently very popular and worth every look on. Extra-trendy this season these are compounds in which appear pink gold elements. This hot glowing alloy 2015 mega popular among fashion insiders and may now be in every jewelry collection.

A great selection provides also the Link Collection of Bering, in the can discover their stylish Earrings-and plug, and cool bracelets.

The individual pieces are characterized by the just mentioned bicolour design made ​​in which, for example, ceramic and stainless steel elements together. The result is guaranteed striking eye-catcher, the attention and upgrade any outfit.

What are you waiting for? This extravagant jewelry highlights you should definitely not definitely miss out!