Basic: the White Shirt

Had already published an article about the basics of wardrobe, which are those parts that are timeless and versatile, ideal for most situations, seasons and they’re just fashion.

A good example is the white shirt, because both can wear it with jeans and shorts or jeans or skirt. In fact, in the book “professional image, style guide” meet the basics of fashion he should invest, as well as the aspects to be taken into account in the construction of your wardrobe.

I’ve met who had dozens of white shirts, because like this combines with everything is always a good choice. In this case, you can opt for a greater diversity of models, in terms of shapes, materials and details.

Regardless of whether you like a minimalist style, classic, sports, urban, boho chic or romantic, the white shirt adapts to all looks according to So, try customize your coordinated with accessories or a statement.

Tips for selecting a white shirt:

  • If you want a timeless model, so invest in a classic model that never gets old
  • If you like body adjusted models, it is best to choose a fabric with elasticity and non technology iron, that don’t adapt and underlines the
  • The silk shirts are very stylish and a good bet, but for being a fine and delicate material requires special care, so always follow the washing instructions and ironing on the label
  • If you have a large chest and likes shirts adjusted, it is best to use a top of the spaghetti straps underneath and let the collar open until the end of the bust, so as not to push the buttons in this area. Avoid, still, quilling, pockets, pleats and embroidery on the chest
  • If you have a protruding belly or a body without marked waist, prefer cutting the right shirts and looser below, notably with a round finish
  • A skin-colored bra is ideal for use with a white piece, so as to be invisible
  • Avoid very transparent fabrics, because although they are freshest can be too revealing
  • Finally, use a deodorant stain removal, in order to avoid that the area under the arms stay yellow

Here are some outfits as inspiration, that show how you can use the same white shirt in a different style.


White shirt with black pants or classic skinny jeans

White shirt with colored pants

White shirt with jeans

White shirt in a chic casual look

White shirt with overlapping pieces

White dress shirt and monochrome look

What is your favorite?