Barefoot Sandals Jewelry: Miniature Shoes

My mother always tells me that they are equal to my grandmother, the same passion for shoes! Shame not to have also inherited his blue eyes, but that’s another story.

We are sincere, what woman doesn’t dream a shoe cabinet with 4 doors? And who would not gladly space for a pair of shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo? In fact.

The novelty is that the famous Florentine fashion house has created Valuable Miniatures, Salvatore Ferragamo jewelry that reproduce some of the House’s most famous shoes.

How to resist the temptation to go snooping in her boutique? I confess, I didn’t even try and I fled, also because they are always very intrigued by those seeking to explore production sectors that traditionally do not belong to it.

Thumbnails of Salvatore Ferragamo

The idea of the jewellery Salvatore Ferragamo to create pendants for necklaces in the shape of shoes is not a new gimmick saw that other brand they had before (think Rosé,just as an example).

Original is the idea of reproducing the patterns created by the Florentine couturierbetween the years ‘ 30 and the years ‘ 60 for some historic female icons of cinema.

Salvatore Ferragamo jewelry are made of different materials, from diamonds to Swarovski Crystal, enamel to precious stones. Nice idea to hack on the sole of the shoe template name miniature jewellery and its creation date.

Marilyn Monroe were dedicated two jewels Salvatore Ferragamo: Red, a pendant withpavé diamonds blacks, which reproduces the pump completely covered with Swarovski worn from the legendary Marilyn in movie “Let’s make love” (7500 euro).

The pendant Honeyinstead, reintroduces the pump built in 1959 for the famous actress, combining yellow and black, with a small diamond (3000 euro).

The Rainbow pendant is inspired by a shoe created for the beautiful Judy Garland in 1938: the wedge is made of corallapis lazuli, amber, Emerald, Amethyst, Carnelian and adularia (6000 euros).

Dedicated to the singer and actress Carmen Miranda, the pendant Carmen plays the shoe designed for her in 1938, with details in black enamel on the strap and the price lists (2300 euros).

Salvatore Ferragamo also inspired jewelry at sciapin, the historical Renaissance shoes among the first to introduce the heel (pendant Renaissance, 2400 euros) and Chinese sandals that adorned the traditional dress of the Ching dynasty ( Butterflypendant, 1800 euros).

Salvatore Ferragamo jewelry prices

In hindsight, the choice of materials and strong colours of Salvatore Ferragamo jewelry kinda come to mind a jewel more than a real jewel.

Prices, however, are precisely those of a jewelry store and for that I just have to see WHOLESALEABLY for yourself these priceless barefoot sandals.

In the shop I am receiving a sales assistant (say saleswoman seems an offense now!), very smiley and very Asian traits (have you ever met an Asian who don’t smile? I still don’t!).

I could see the shoes-jewel and I read a moment of bewilderment in his almond-shaped eyes. Poor, do you think I’m talking about some shoes to wear, the prices of which actually resemble those of precious.

I want to see the jewelry line by Salvatore Ferragamo and the Sun of the East is shining in his eyes, tender. Continuing to show me his 36 white teeth, he says candidly that you can order them. Good news for those who want to buy … but if you want to see them before then? So, just to be sure you make the right choice. No problem: there is one fine catalogue available.

What do you mean? And it’s OK that I have revealed that they are a jewelry-blogger, but anyone can find pictures of a jewel on the internet, don’t you think? And since then, just seeing a picture to think about spending several thousand euros for a jewel?

I try to hide my disappointment and to optimize the use of this my exploratory mission.I ask the always smiling sales assistant like Salvatore Ferragamo, jewels are realized if by hand or with a manufactory to infusion. Continues to show me all of his 36 teeth while insisted on showing me the pictures on mini catalogue myopia proof (thank goodness I have no problems of diopter!).

All right, don’t insist, though we would have to say that the jewels must be seen, touched, worn and then chosen. Or at least, so we use do in jewelry stores, and Salvatore Ferragamo should know if he wants to launch a line of jewelry. But I’m afraid you may permanently lock your facial muscles if I spoke, and thus present a frozen smile.

Before leaving I treat myself to a stroll through the boutiques and a question keeps nagging me: but why the shoes I can see, point and try and Precious Miniatures no?? A little voice tells me: why Salvatore Ferragamo is a couturier, not a jeweler. Cursed Jiminy!

So Why choose these mini-jewelry by maxi-prices and not maybe a nice cleavage to show off, which in the end is also more economical? And again that annoying little voice: why you don’t have more room in your shoe rack!

You’re right Jiminy, it’s time to move house.