Baby Doll Eyelashes

Many celebrities opt to use false eyelashes to get that Baby Doll look effect. Besides, who doesn’t like long eyelashes and bulky? These give greater expressiveness and sensuality to the look and provide an effect va-va-vum!

But let’s be realistic, except for a party or special occasion, who has the patience to put false eyelashes? So, here are some tips on how you can make your eyelashes more voluminous, with some simple tricks of makeup for the day to day.

5 tricks to have some eyelashes more bulky

1- before you apply the mask, try using the tab revirador to the bow and leave them more open. Press the revirador next to the roots, for about three seconds, and prefer models with a removable rubber protection

2 – to enhance the effect of volume and strengthen eyelashes, apply a serum at night or before the mask. I like the Diorshow Maximizer 3D, a mask to get stronger eyelashes and bulky.

3- Choose a mask of Cilia, according to your purpose, as there are different types of brushes. I love the mask They re the Real Benefit of long duration, which stretches, curve and gives volume.

4- apply the mask of lashes from root to tip. After the first passage of the brush eyelashes exterior strengthen. A good trick, that perhaps you are unaware of, is to use the brush vertically to make eyelashes thicker. Renew the application, if you want to add volume

5-If you like to wear a mask at the bottom eyelashes, it is best to use a waterproof formula. Otherwise, you risk getting your eyes blurry throughout the day

6- Always Use a two-phase make-up Remover for the eyes, especially if you use eyeliner or water-proof mask, in order to remove the products, even the most resistant, and not wake up with the black eyes the next day