Clothes for Chubby

Fashion for Plump also exists, check out. Long gone the time there was no clothes that looked good in fatties. The fashion world has awakened to the reality that most women are built for comfort and are happy with it. Skinny women are the minority in the world and many fatties are discovering your sensuality […]


What Towels are the Best

The proposed wide range however will easily notice that towels differ in terms of softness, density, sizes and fabrics. As is well known these products are far from cheap. In view of this purchase is a long term investment and should be considered better to dispense with any disappointment later.

Cultural Décor Fashion

Wedding in the Backyard: See Decorating Ideas

Getting married at home? Check out suggestions for everything to be beautiful and special. Are you planning a wedding in their backyard? That that choice is increasingly common among couples of our country! Looking for more comfort, familiarity and fair prices, grooms and brides are discovering the delights of homemade ceremony!


All about Corset

The corset is a garment that raises enough doubt of how to use, what models and the care of the piece. Here we clarify everything! The corset is a garment used both for more intimate situations and outwear -the tendency to use lingerie on display! With so many choices of materials and styles, split up some tips to help […]

Jackets for Women

What Size is a Small Jacket

Indispensable in a wardrobe for a trendy look, a jacket is not chosen to turn a shelf or in the wardrobe of your best friend. To be perfect, it must stick to your style and your body. Christina Cordula, image consultant and presenter of the new look show for a New Life on M6, answers […]

Motorcycle Jacket for Women

Vintage Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Sure that the heat has come, now is the time in which much@s of vosotr@s you have decided for taking the step of buying a new motorcycle jacket this summer. But before you buy, you have to Choose jacket and do it well, because it of no use to buy something then you’re not going […]

Leggings for Pregnancy

Pregnancy over the Bump Leggings

You notice that in fact trying to wear your tights or leggings your “before”, they galbent at all your leg because they fall on the hips because your belly grows and prevent them from coming to wedge in your size as before. They also shear your stomach because they are too narrow at the waist […]

Custom Pearl Bracelet

Custom Pearl Bracelet

As you can see, we love to do custom bracelets . At all times we sought advice about it, because we know that they are necessary and that sometimes we find those the way we want. Already brought tips on how to make bracelets with income or bracelets with stones and today’s tutorial teaches how to make customized pearl […]

Beauty App Choices

Top 10 Beauty Apps

The secrets to a perfect nail polish or for al’ultima makeup trend, by quickly consult at any time of the day. Here are the best beauty app choices for you. The beauty addicts have a new front which focus attention, because if the chatter between girlfriends are fantastic, it is even more to increase their knowledge and […]