As Makeup Step by Step

How to put on makeup

Many women fear use makeup because they’re afraid of making a mistake or exaggerate in time to apply the products and that’s why today we put together some tips to teach step by step how to put on makeup without making mistakes and exaggerations.

See below how makeup properly-step by step (for beginners)

It is essential before you start any makeup that the skin is clean so wash your face with a SOAP specific to your type of skin and then dry well with a clean towel. Then apply a facial moisturizer all over the face. Wait a few seconds for the skin to absorb all the product.

After all the skin and start correcting the imperfections with the use of a correction in the color of your skin with fingertips or with a brush suitable for placing the product go correctives gently under the eyes and in the areas which need correction. Beware of overdoing it ok! Now is the time to use the base color of the base must also be in the exact color of your skin and should be applied also with fingertips or with brush suitable for base if your skin is oily choose an oil-free basis.

After you have finished applying the base is the time to delete the skin glow with a face powder with a brush to apply the powder also in face T-zone (forehead, nose, Chin) and remove all excess skin glow. Protinho your skin this ready to be painted.

Now is the time of Pigmenti eyes with the shadow but before use a primer on the eyelids to make the shadow cool better. The choice of the color of the shadow will depend on your type of skin and the occasion, if it is a make to day to day avoid metallic shadows and dark tones.

Already the shadows to night can be more pigmented, bright and strong. Remembering that makeup should not be anything over the top even for the look of the night. After passing the shadow in the color you want to use a curvéx to give the move the eyelashes and then work in generous layers of mascara they will help raise the look and enhance your face. Pass the brown or black pencil under the eyes and close the upper and lower lashes.

Then choose the blush suitable for your skin tone and apply only in very smooth cheekbones just to get some air in makeup. Time to paint the lips and that’s a little too good, if you went all out and carried a little eyes the lipstick should be clear, or you can opt for more vibrant colors and strong in the mouth. Lipstick can be applied with your fingertips giving light taps right or with the brush if you have ease. Another option for the lips are nude colors, neutral tones, light pink, color of mouth these can be used on all skin colors. Or not to Miss use only a gloss or pink color and the look is ready!