Arrow: Smartwatch With Innovative 360 Degree Camera

A Smartwatch photo gadget? So far the photo function for the wrist is more ridiculed or dismissed as a gimmick, the arrow Smartwatch will elevate them to the unique selling proposition – thanks to a special camera, to which the manufacturer has already registered patent.

The arrow Smartwatch has a camera which can be rotated 360 degrees around the display. In this way, both focused snapshots and Selfies should be possible by the wrist from every angle. The camera with impressive 8 to loosen up MP – the same value, for example, the main camera of Apple’s iPhone 5 s. Overall, the arrow should make photographing from the wrist easier and more intuitive.

Sporty Design With Round Display

The manufacturers want to use with their Smartwatch also on a pleasing appearance: with a round screen made of Sapphire Crystal resembles visually a bit of Moto 360, albeit in a slightly sporty look. The display should have a diagonal of 1.61 inches – there is more information about resolution, weight, or other technical equipment so far unfortunately yet.

The arrow Smartwatch should also include the typical for these business functions such as heart rate monitor and pedometer. As the operating system Android wear will be according to a report from digital trends probably used. Also also calls should be possible by integrating speakers and microphone – the clock could also detached from the Smartphone offer a phone function. Should apply to all of these predictions, the arrow would be a serious competition for iWatch and co.