Are Times Killing a HTC Your Decisions from The Past?

I have to say, before you start, am much more close to be a fan of HTC that a ‘hater’, and is that few products of the company that I could test I’ve seen them with a great quality and really worked on them, products which, in many cases, worth paying that cost.

But we must also bear in mind that the Taiwanese manufacturer, in recent years, has not taken the best decisions to make your company stand among the market leaders. Quite a few not-very-successful decisions left HTC in the delicate position which is, and they will have to something about until it’s late.

The pricing policy is the dagger that threatens to cross your heart

HTC products, at least most have rather good quality, proof of this is surely more than one for a HTC from 5 years ago able to function, or how the community spoils the HTC HD2, a device of 7 years that, however, enjoy Android Nougat (rather limited) when it originally ran Windows Mobile 6.5.

In those days that was, if not the most prominent manufacturer, yes one of more, He could afford to put a price on its products something higher than others, because HTC at that time was synonymous with quality, Everyone knew it and bought their products. Of course, back then were not unreasonable prices that now have smartphones.

Ultimately, this continuous rise during the last years of the prices of mobile phones from all manufacturers passes bill to pockets of buyers, and if we consider that HTC has followed to maintain prices above your competitors, It was clear that their products were aimed at an audience with some purchasing power.

Even if we weigh, HTC is not Apple, that can afford to put unso higher prices and, even so, sell as if they gave them with the cereal, because where fails, unlike Apple, is also in marketing. The case is that This pricing policy threatens seriously to HTC out of the market the Smartphone full.

And when we had hoped that the new 10 Desire were a beginning of some economic truth terminals to your specifications, we have a Lifestyle of about €300 with a processor from over 3 years ago. I’m afraid the last hope would be the Desire 10 Pro, that its price is not known, but I believe that we should not be too optimistic.

Bad marketing decisions = ‘epic fail’

Is fine to advertise your products by Twitter, but what you OK if not publicitas you for other platforms such as television, radio and posters in hot spots announcing, in addition, your social networks so that they follow the news? Advertise your products through social networks when you have relatively few followers is as if you say your cousin and anyone more.

I remember at the time the announcement of the HTC One M7, which emphasized in its most revolutionary feature, the speakers Boomsound, something that, for me, was a success. But Since then, the Taiwanese manufacturer is missing advertising large-scale.

But it is not just a matter of being absent from the mainstream media, but decisions that have left him frog like the fortune that they paid $ 12 million to Robert Downey Jr. for… an ad, that Yes, with a tone of humor, but that are not issued in all of the markets to which it was addressed One M9. Sales of the terminal were not very good to say.

Robert Downey Jr. received 12 million dollars for an ad and little else, a windfall for the actor and not so much for HTC.

Had it not left much more economical to make an announcement without necessarily having an actor of great success?. If instead of loosen this paste in our friend Bob (I call it so, there is trust) had spent them in a good marketing plan, to invest in media (TV, radio, posters, etc.) and making more variety of ads, the terminal would be better known among the public that isn’t all the time aware of the specialized media.

I’m not exactly an expert in marketing, but if the Lords of HTC I hire to do your ads, thanks to my full of dinosaurs and adorable plush monsters ideas HTC takes off like a rocket. What is clear is that If they continue with this scant presence in the mass media outside social networks not going to have a very good.

The hardware, another point which sometimes fail

Although it is not a critical point for nothing, those who are attentive to the Smartphone hardware detected almost at the time if it is or not successful appearing on the terminal. Ultrapixel technology, for example, although it was not badly intended and HTC put it with their best intentions, at the end did not come off very well for the inconvenience they brought (especially low resolution photos).

Later he came the problem of the incredibly hot 810 Snapdragon, for which HTC do not blame unless it has included knowing of the problems of overheating, which despite having solved the problem in part (next to the House) with several updates, has happened much invoice.

But it is not just matter controversial hardware, but also of antiquity, as it is the case of the 10 Lifestyle Desire, which leads the Snapdragon 400, a mid-range processor for more than 3 years ago, that the first Moto G had been it. If you think about buy this terminal, assume now that you won’t see Android Nougat officially in that phone.

At this point, and with the price of the terminal (close to €300) is not admissible similar processor that have 2 or 3 GB of RAM (depending on the version you buy) and all those things, which less than a Snapdragon 415 at least, so at least there is some hope update.

A round terminal do not cover the errors of others, must continue to work on that basis

HTC 10 surprised me positively, I think that It is the more rounded terminal of the company in recent years, and I would say that it falls short of the competition in terms of quality and hardware, and its starting price is not much higher than the other ship logo that came out at that time.

At this point I thought that HTC would be really beginning to change for the better, but the flagship was not a success for mistakes, and if subsequent terminal repeat those errors practically is the great work of the 10 HTC esombrecido. For future terminals Taiwanese manufacturer must take as an example to its current top of range and improve the possible.

HTC is going to have to make a great exercise in self-criticism and seek to continuously improve. What you can’t afford is a good terminal is anonymous because the following are to meet and now. Do you think that HTC is likely to go well if you start to do the right thing more often?