Are These The First Images Taken with The New Pixel and Pixel XL in Google?

If you are following the trail of the next Smartphone brand Google, probably because you’ve learned that Google has enabled a new website that announce an event for October 4 – precisely the day in which expected the presentation of the new terminals that the brand has developed together with HTC.

Although confirmed there is nothing the Pixel and Pixel XL, formerly known as Nexus, she is virtually throughout the summer have been filtered, by what we already know many of its possible features and up to your design, but so far we have not seen any picture taken with his camera. The same site where Google Announces date for presentation also shows a carousel of images that have been captured with the new Pixel from HTC and Google. We see them in more detail.

The picture, one of the most outstanding improvements of the new Google

The latest generations of the Nexus series have been characterized by offering a photographic experience who has been improving with each new model and it is believed that the trend will continue to progress in the new Pixel.

It has not spoken much cameras beyond his resolution, which would be of 12 megapixel main sensor and 8 megapixels for the front, but it is to be expected that there will be significant improvements in this section.

That said, when we enter the website we have an animation that forms the silhouette of what appears to be a smartphone and starts playing a gallery of images automatically in the box.

Although there is no indication that these photos have been taken with the new Pixel, It is not unreasonable to assume that Google has used to let us take a look at the photographic capabilities of its new phones in this curious invitation, as have assumed in PhoneArena, where you have downloaded all the images.

See complete gallery» possible images taken with the new Pixel and Pixel XL Google (29 photos)

We insist that there is no any confirmation camera with photos taken, or on the website of Google or in the EXIF data of the photos, but There are some clues that seem to point in this direction. One of them is the presence of an image taken with the app Photo Sphere, but it is not the only.

The image below shows a smartphone between two rays of light which, although we cannot see clearly, could be one of the new Pixel and can be discerned in the image attached later also as one of the protagonists is taking a selfie in the reflection on the sphere on the left.

Confirmed are actually images made with the Pixel of Google, we can expect good results in most situations. The images have a wide dynamic range and they offer very rich hues, even in complicated as very marked backlights or low-light conditions.

Of all the images available, only two have full size, they are that we have chosen for the most detailed. Although shown some noise extending, it must be taken into account that the atmosphere is very dark and all the light in the scene is artificial, so it is forgiven. However, is also true that there are terminals that behave very well in low light situations, but to draw conclusions will have to wait on 4 October, when we will see more exhaustive tests.

As we said before, uncropped images are only two, almost as if Google had left us a little hint of what we can expect from their next phone. In particular have a size of 4.048 x 3.036 pixels, or what is the same, 12 megapixel, just the resolution that is rumored for some time.

However, remind you that Google has not confirmed the existence of the so-called Pixel and Pixel XL and these images could have been taken with any camera, but our me conspiranoids expects that it is not so. On 4 October we will know more details.