Apple Is Lying: the iPhone 5 Is More Expensive Than Its Predecessor

Apple promised during the presentation of the iPhone 5 that the price would be unchanged from its predecessor, but it is a lie.

Are you considering buying the new iPhone 5 then it is worth noticing that the model has been more expensive than its predecessor.

It is a fact, despite Apple’s Tim Cook during the presentation of the iPhone 5, promised an unchanged price compared to iPhone 4S.

But according to Apple the night of the 28th. September published prices on iPhone 5 in Denmark, it is now clear that the cell phone is the entire 500 dollars more expensive than when the iPhone 4S were priced.

Back in 2011 on 21. October, was Apple’s Danish prices for iPhone 4S 16 GB published, price was at that time 4,699 crowns.

From the 28. September 2012 is the price of a 5 16 GB iPhone at Apple’s website, 5,199 crowns, a clear price difference of 500 dollars, the wrong way.