Apple Introduces The IPhone OS 3.0

Apple just present the news of the new iPhone OS and the truth is that they are not few.

Watching the Keynote have seen that Apple you’ve done the homework and has implemented in the iPhone OS 3.0 most improvements claiming users, although it has left out other very important. We will do a brief review of the most interesting changes.

  • Copy and paste: It’s one of the features most requested by users. Make the selection is do a touch double on the screen – as to get the magnifying glass – and deselect only have to shake the phone. This feature also allows you to attach more than one photo in an email.
  • MMS: It seems that Apple has finally passed through the Hoop and entered MMS on the iPhone. Personally I find it unhelpful to hand considering all the possibilities that gives us the e-mail and Internet, but there are many people who find them useful.
  • Spotlight: Copying a little what we have seen in the Palm Pre, the iPhone will include in its new operating system a general search on your home screen. From there you can search within practically all the iPhone applications, including contacts, music, emails… and we even continue the search on the Internet.
  • Support for .ics: The iPhone lets you natively – so far could be made from iCal – synchronization with calendars that use this extension, as it is the Google Calendar.
  • Panoramic mode: You can now be written in Panorama mode in all native iPhone applications. It is more convenient, especially for those with large hands.
  • Push: Even though have been excused in the duration of the batteries to not allow running apps in the background, if that have implemented push notifications for these – very useful in the chat -.
  • Payment for content applications: Part of the free and pay applications, there will be a third gender which, in addition to paying for the application, we will pay for content, such as: new levels in games, magazines or books in third-party apps…
  • Accessories: Accessories for iPhone developers can create applications for your hardware to interact with iPhone.
  • Voice Memos: There are now many applications to create voice notes on the iPhone, but the new will allow you to leave these notes anywhere – calendar, mail…-complementing the written notes.

But this is not all: Bluetooth A2DP, applications can use Maps to give directions, P2P between iPhones to interact among them; but nothing Flash, no tethering, and nothing of video – although there has been named in a photo and it could be that it was something to be saved for later announce-.

This update will go on sale next summer for free for the iPhone and with a cost of $9.95 for iPod Touch, but the first generation of the iPhone will not be compatible, due to hardware with the MMS and Bluetooth A2DP.