Apple against All, Gingerbread Is Approaching and Symbian Wants to Turn The Tide. The Best of The Week

The week has had several important fronts open, as the symptoms of arrival of Gingerbread, the developments around Symbian, or shots have been pasted Apple and the rest in respect of sales figures.

We started with disputes, and it is that Apple He has had spectacular financial results in the last quarter, but during the presentation of the same Steve Jobs sent a few messages to the competition, which as usual did not take long to respond.

First discussed with you the correction made by the people of Tweetdeck to Steve, ensuring that fragmentation was not a problem in the development of your client. To then appear the people of RIM reporting that sales comparisons were not properly carried out.

Gingerbread is coming

In relation to Android, I did a review of what you could expect of the new version of Google’s operating system, for more days later appear early signs of arrival, as well as the incorporation of the already habitual figure in GooglePlex.

It has been very interesting we know that TomTom was behind the maps of HTC Locations of the new HTC Sense, and is this service maps are saved on the computer and is not necessary to download them in real time.

Symbian wants to turn the tide

The arrival of the new CEO at Nokia has produced an exodus of executives in the company, but also influenced MeeGo and it seems that now comes to Symbian Foundation: Lee Williams, head of Symbian leaves his post.

But innovations are not here, apparently MeeGo and Symbian together forces from the point of view of development to do more productive work of all those involved. Note also that Nokia wants to forget Symbian ^ 4 as a new version, and think that their news will come in the form of update to Symbian ^ 3.

Finally we share with you their financial results, with cuts in jobs included, and the curious introduction of NFC in the Nokia C7 chip, which is not yet being used.

Vodafone renews rates

This week we were invited to the presentation of the new Vodafone rates for individuals, we invite you take a look to find out what things have changed.

Also have the prices at the end of the Samsung Galaxy S with Orange and Vodafone operators.

New terminals in the week

  • Palm Pre 2, along with HP webOS 2.0.
  • HTC Gratia, the European Aria.

Other news of interest

  • Super Clear LCD screens promise more than you initially could think, since the Ribbon it had very high the SuperAMOLED.
  • Angry Birds more than two million units sold, the Distributor is bought by Electronics Arts, and get full version for Symbian ^ 3.

Most interesting news for readers

  • RIM also answer to Steve Jobs: “Apple distorts the reality at will”
  • TweetDeck fixes to Steve Jobs: “the fragmentation has not brought any major problem”
  • Palm Pre 2 and HP webOS 2.0 are officially presented
  • The head of Symbian Foundation leaves his office, does the boat adrift?
  • Android Gingerbread, what can we expect new Android update?