Alarm Clock that Wakes You Up with Delicious Smells

The Sensor Wake is an alarm clock that is something that many people dream during the morning: he wakes up with various scents. For example, you might dawn feeling a delicious smell of bacon and fresh orange juice – if you prefer something more upscale, there is even the fragrance of dollar bills and luxury wood.

With the project based on the Kick starter and still raising funds to provide bonus prizes, Sensor Wake received R $ 460,000 (the target was R $ 174,000) so far. On, the team behind the alarm clock is young: the founder is Guillaume Rolland, a French businessman only 18 years.

Similar to “Nespresso” coffee makers, the device uses capsules that are placed inside the gadget to release the scents, and each can be used 60 times. According to Rolland, the technology wakes the user within 2 minutes after the release of the fragrance. However, if this does not happen, the alarm will sound an alarm in 3 minutes – that is, in one way or another, you end up waking up.

The idea is to bring cheerful, calm, relaxed and delicious mornings to the user. The project also entered the list of 15 “changeable” inventions during the Google Science Fair 2014.

Available Aromas

American breakfast: bacon and fresh orange juice

Continental lunch: espresso and croissant

Sweets: peach and strawberry jam

Relaxation: smell of sea and jungle (cut grass and leaves)

Stimulant: ginger and mint

VIP room: dollar bills and luxury wood

If you are interested, you can learn more about Sensor Wake at this link. To get one, just disburse $ 279 (80 euros)-the cheapest version, for $ 200, has already exhausted.