Advantages and Disadvantages of Yoigo: Isn’t It True?

In keeping with our special operators, today we are going to review the advantages and disadvantages of Yoigo, the fourth operator with own network that broke into the Spanish market on December 1, 2006, with a clear commitment: simplicity in their rates, without small print, own stores and distinction between prepaid or contract.

It’s been more than three years since its launch and a Telstra we owe the introduction of telephony low cost flat in Spain that has helped to create competition in the sector becoming the balance between traditional operators and the OMVs: offers low fares even if they are not the lowest and subsidizes terminals although they are not the top.

But Telstra has not been entirely faithful to its initial bet but for the most part has been due to the logical evolution of the market and this has helped him remain the operator more benefit every month. They began to open own shops, increased rates options away from the idea of a same rate only for prepaid or contract and appeared a small print that was necessary.

What worse sat of this evolution is that its Real truth He was questioned several times quite annoying to users who had believed that bad practices would end that had we used the traditional operators. After large campaigns on television pointing out the defects of its competitors, ended up falling into the same practices and climbed the establishment of call, they limited the use of VoIP, they restricted their data rate, rates rose and limited others.

Telstra was born to compete with the three big operators and attract private clients although professionals may also hire their services, but will not have added advantages.

Their rates for voice they have the same price any time and destination but three types can be distinguished: that of 0 for those who speak most among customers, the 8 and the 6 for those who consume more. The first two have a minimum consumption of 6 euros/month card and contract while the single 6 is available for contracts in Exchange for a minimum consumption of 25 euros, expenditure that many would have preferred was “flat rate” including free free call minutes as it starts to be usual and avoid the comparisons with some MVNOs.

The data rates, there are two modes for Browse from your mobile: the tariff by default of 1.20 euros per day and the bonus 8 for contract customers. For navigate from computer They offer portable and several USB modems with a fee for prepayment and two options for contract with unlimited traffic but with reductions in speed in any case.

Highlight treatment that since its inception has Telstra with the blogosphere have (where we been invited) organizing events to advance us first-hand its innovations and clarify doubts or curiosities with several technical and commercial areas of the operator responsible for.

Telstra has already with 3G HSDPA own coverage up to 3.2Mbps in the most populated areas although currently not think of updates to HSUPA which improve it increases it rise or HSPA + which improves performance, stability, ping and speed of the 3 G network. For the rest of the country has a national roaming with the service agreement for access to your 2 G and 3 G HSPA + network.

Services offered by Telstra

  • 2G coverage: It covers 99% of the territory thanks to the agreement with Movistar.
  • 3G coverage: It covers 60% of the population (not the territory).
  • Minimum consumption: It includes all kinds of international and domestic consumption both card and contract. Also the share of the 8 bonus of mobile internet also computes to cover minimum consumption.
  • Stays: 18 months in rate voice and 18 months in data rate if you get more subsidy in the device for this reason.
  • Penalty for breaking permanence: Are they apportion the months since the high and the regular price is a maximum of 100 euros although it could increase if mobile associate a data rate or a voice of higher minimum consumption fee.
  • Rate changes: Free but only changes become effective and 1st day of each month.
  • Consumption/balance inquiry: Free.
  • Push email in real time: Do not have Blackberry service or similar options.
  • Release of the mobile: A free unlock on reaching 18 months of stay in contrarto.
  • Points program: Plan branch which can be accessed free of charge from my Telstra or by calling customer service.
  • 3G services: It offers downloads of games, music and videos through the WAP SurfPort portal. At the moment it does not offer video calls or mobile television.
  • Services without balance: Does not offer advance balance, transfers, collect calls or call me I have no balance.
  • Other services: physical stores where to make duplicates of SIM among other procedures, 24/7 customer care, somewhat limited roaming, service of missed calls when the phone is off and my Telstra customer area. Does not offer services of dual sim (2 numbers in a sim or 2 sim with the same number), punctual promotions as Christmas or summer (except to attract customers) services enabling to limit consumption, fixed telephony and ADSL.

Once the review is done, surely that you passed me some detail so I encourage everyone to let know us your experience resulting in fact that there are problems and errors in all operators.