Advantages and Disadvantages of Orange: a Flat Rate You Are as You Are?

After the review of Movistar and Vodafone, now comes the time to analyze the pros and cons of Orange He broke into Spain during October 2006 after done with Amena and that it already has almost 11 million users.

We have Orange “flat rates of voice” both contract and prepaid and if Movistar and Vodafone have launched their own in 2009, Orange launched the first in 2006. But not a fee agrees to all users flat or the limits of those offering and that is where most failed Orange but it has also managed to expand between users with different needs offering original saving modules as friends and numbers Plus 0.

Orange has not stood for get big Mobile exclusive Although if it has become one of the most complete android is HTC Hero among others mobile featured in its catalog that will not be exclusive but if attracts large number of not-so-demanding users.

Additional services have also been a good asset in Orange with interesting proposals as the hybrid of prepaid and contract called Fusion, zero friends and Orange basic which was presented as the best low cost market although it involved a stay non-mobile subsidized and in addition was gradually worsening their conditions making it less attractive.

But so far, the large handicapped have been users of prepaid card they have seen reduced their savings options and whose rates have been subject to a monthly minimum charge (similar to the minimum consumption of contract) in order to be minimally interesting even for that, I always thought that it was best done with a contract for the low minimum consumption. Since last week, however, Orange has given respite to this segment and has launched a new card with calls at 9 cents per minute and $ 5 minimum charge.

While all operators have been reported by irregularities in advertising, many times it has struck me the point of view of peculiar Orange advertising rates “without limits” quite limited, make the small print very well or speaking of clarity in their fees when they intend to sneak a monthly fee as if more was a daily quota cheap.

As for mail services push has always been more limited than in the competition while its mobile internet from computer has improved somewhat in recent days. Customer service has also proved to be as ineffective as the older siblings although this aspect may change soon.

As we are seeing, Orange is a bittersweet feelings that can please enough or nothing depending on the needs of each.

Services offered by Orange


  • 2G coverage: It covers 99% of the territory.
  • 3G coverage: It covers 86% of the population with speeds of up to 7.2Mbps.
  • Minimum contract: It includes all kinds of consumption (calls, messages and internet).
  • Prepaid cards validity: 10 months without charging + 3 months without balance.
  • Stays: between 18 and 24 months and if you buy a terminal with greater subsidy for associate a data rate, the rate will also implied the same permanence.
  • Penalty for breaking permanence: It is prorated in three sections of 6 months and the regular price is a maximum of 150 euros although it could increase if mobile associate a data rate or a voice of higher minimum consumption fee.
  • Rate changes: Prepaid 5 free rate changes and the rest there is 3 euros/change. In contract, all current fees have a cost of 15 euros (plus VAT) high by serving little that these cases, change “be free”.
  • Consumption/balance inquiry: 15 cents/query except the 5 first of each month and the queries from clients that are free area.
  • Push email in real time: Here more information for Widows Mobile and Blackberry and Nokia Messaging.
  • Release of the mobile: A free release every 12 months by customer.
  • Points program: Catalogue with more than 30 models. You can access free calling the 2270.
  • 3G services as video calls, download music for 1.50 euros/MP3 without DRM, and mobile TV with a selection of own channels by 6 euros/month, Digital + euros/month 6, Gol TV and channels for adults.
  • Services without balance: Advance, collect calls, call me not have balance,…
  • Other services: physical stores nearby where complete duplicates of SIM among other efforts (5 euros per duplicate), customer service 24 hours, roaming, missed calls when the phone is off, dual sim (2 numbers in a sim or 2 sim with the same number), access to the Hotspots WiFi Orange, Outlet store mobile insurance, services applications, Sunday Orange store , promotonos, Orange experience, unique calendar, etc..

Once the review is done, surely that you passed me some detail so I encourage everyone to let know us your experience resulting in fact that there are problems and errors in all operators.