Advantages and Disadvantages of Movistar: as We Are More… Would Pay Less?

With Movistar We will start a series of analyses on the advantages and disadvantages offered by the main operators mobile phone to the doubts that may arise when it comes to choose the operator who best fits our needs but not focus too much on the rates since that we publish our comparative.

“As we are more, pay less” is the Ensign of Movistar but it could not have been less successful since although the operator with more customers (23 million) actually they are not more approximately 40% of the market is Movistar versus 60% that it is not) and to pay less there are operators for all tastes and needs.

Movistar has not normally highlighted by offering low rates but the competition of the last months made him react by launching its rate low cost 9 cents/minute/SMS that many users to return to take it into account when rendering a so-called greater reliability as it is one of the traditional operators, and forced to Vodafone and Orange to launch similar options shortly after.

By what if highlighted Movistar in recent years has been by staying in exclusive total terminals more desired as the iPhone 3Gs, HTC Dream (the first Android), Palm Pre and Motorola Dext in addition to having launched first time other so many terminals until they could do so Vodafone and Orange.

The coverage It is also something that Movistar has excelled, but the truth is that at present there is little difference with its competitors and each offers different experiences depending on the area so this point is more subjective. That if Movistar is the only one that has updated its 2G network to EDGE and the 3G network is already being updated to HSPA +.

The minimum consumption private contracts from Movistar is one of the weak points because despite being equal to 9 euros that they can demand Vodafone and Orange, Movistar only computed for this consumer calls and national messages except those aimed at saving modules. Therefore, users who only use saving modules, apart will have to pay the minimum consumption of its tariff as if it were an additional fee.

His voice rates differ in two modes: rates per minute “different for every need (depending on if you call more Movistar, your people, in the evenings or all alike) and the evil calls”flat rates”with different Idirizzi that also try to adapt to each user’s profile.

The additional services Movistar offers are not too popular since customize or Comes With Music seem to not attract too much and little originality which shows copying at home or as Movistar Mix Orange Vodafone MoviStar Services reports nor too much additional interest.

Mobile Internet It is still one of the big bets of all operators and Movistar has well covered this sector with several rates for browsing from your phone or from your computer in contract and prepaid. In addition Movistar already carries time subsidizing netbooks Nokia Booklet 3G being the last and releasing free promotions.

Finally, I think little say about the service the customer of any company and is that in general, resulven little doubt or even bundled us more…

Services offered by Movistar


* 2G coverage: Covers 99% of the territory and it is being updated to EDGE * 3G coverage: Upgrading to HSPA + * Minimum contract: It includes national calls (except those aimed at saving modules), video calls, SMS and MMS.
* Prepaid cards validity: 6 months without charging + 46 days without balance.
* Stays: Depending on the terminal and their conditions, they can be between 12 and 24 months. In case of associated data rate, stay in tarifa is equal in alta and points.
* Penalty for breaking permanence: It is prorated according to the months that have passed and the regular price is a maximum of 150 euros although it could increase if the mobile partner carries a mandatory data rate.
* Rate changes: 2 free updates to the year and the rest has a cost of 6 euros / each (plus VAT).
* Consumption/balance inquiry: 15 cents/consultation. It is not possible to set a monthly limit to avoid high bills.
* Push email in real time: Mail Movistar, Nokia Messaging and Blackberry.
* Release of the mobile: A free release every 12 months.
* Points program: Catalogue with more than 50 models. Can be accessed by calling the 4636 for 30 cents per minute (+ accommodation) * 3G services as video calls, music rental for 6 euros/month, and mobile TV with a selection of own channels, Digital +, Gol TV and channels for adults.
* Services without balance: Advance balance, transfer of balance and call me I have no balance.
* Other services: nearby stores where to make duplicates of SIM (5 euros/change) among other procedures, customer care from 8 to 24 hours, roaming, missed calls when the phone is off, facilities to renew mobile, services of dual sim (2 numbers in a sim or 2 sim with the same number), access to WiFi Telefónica, Movistar Movistar Mix home , Route, customize, Comes With Music, photos to Facebook, sponsored calls, store application Mstore


Once the review is done, surely that you passed me some detail so I encourage everyone to let know us your experience resulting in fact that there are problems and errors in all operators.