Accessories: Use Necklaces with style

In choosing a necklace, the model must be suited to what you’re wearing, but also to the size of the cleavage, neck and chest. In addition, if you opt for a big, flashy necklace earrings and bracelets not use or prefer the smaller templates, so as not to look like a Christmas tree.

Women who have a bulky chest should avoid using beads to finish above the chest, because it will draw attention to this area. Prefer models by the neck or longer. If you have a small chest, then use and abuse of large and flashy necklaces.

The meatier should bet on very large accessories and proportional to their forms, so that these do not show the overweight. On the contrary, the very large parts are not suitable for thin women, but you can bet a maxi-colar.

If you have broad shoulders prefer long necklaces, to call attention to the rest of the body, such as the chest and waist, avoiding the short models or near the neck. If you have narrow shoulders opt for delicate necklaces and without much volume.

  1. Strappy Back
    If you like wearing strappy back, so take the opportunity to put a necklace. Is super sexy, fashionable and unique.
  2. Use layer Necklaces
    Already an article dedicated to this trend. Enjoy to combine different necklaces and layer materials. Prefer the thinner models for a more discreet. The more adventurous can adorn a deeper neckline with more flashy necklaces. The imagination and balance are the watchwords for match this stylish accessory.
  3. Vertical Necklaces
    The long models are perfect for anyone who is overweight or is of short stature, because they create a vertical line and lengthen the silhouette.
  4. Bright colours with neutral tones
    Take a touch of color and boldness to your look with a necklace in a tone more alive. Combined with neutral tones, this accessory will stand out and draw attention to this area of the body.
  5. Paste Statement & Basics
    By the way, have you ever heard the expression “statement necklace, i.e. use this accessory as a style statement. Try placing a glitzy necklace with a basic piece of wardrobe, as in the case of a white shirt, a sweatshirt or cotton mesh. In this way, can turn a traditional look with a very visual personality!
  6. colors & Patterns
    Most women have questions about accessories best suited for use with articles printed. Should I use only discrete parts? How can I combine colors and patterns in a balanced way? Is there a style rule? Therefore, we present suggestions of how you can use the colors to your favor, choosing a showy necklace in the same shades.
  7. Contrasting colors
    In spring and summer, want to wear brighter colors and refreshing. How about the opportunity to make contrasts of tones and get a look more fun and creative? Orange, green and blue; Pink and blue; or yellow and purple are some of the many options available for those not afraid to dare.
  8. Sparkles during the Day
    It’s the time when the sparkles were only shown to the night and used with more sophisticated parts. Nowadays, you can use a paste with bright during the day, combining it with traditional materials, like a cotton t-shirt, a sweater or knit shirt.