ABC of Sex Education

Sex education is the term used for sex education. This should happen at all stages of human development of your children. From the beginning, with the description and gender differentiation, through the effects of puberty, reproduction, contraception, safe sex, gender equality, sexual rights and always emphasizing sexual health.

Although in schools there are modules that cover these topics and include sex education classes, nobody can train your children like you.

No need to be a specialist in sexuality, the most important thing is that you know how you want your children face the world with what values, principles and attitudes. Besides, no one knows them better to decide when they are ready to receive each piece of information.

If you are parents who want to train their children openly, not debauchery, but to provide accurate and adequate information and your perspective this article is for you. Give children timely information with your own vision soaked prepares to face the coming years with responsibility and trust.

These are the issues that practically cover the spectrum of what should be included in sex education:

Sexuality and affection
Explain the basis of a romantic relationship is affection and love and that before taking the relationship to a sexual level is very important to strengthen the bond with the couple. Promotes coexistence with your partner, share hobbies, walk together hand in hand, listening to music and experience the freshness of romance.

Discussion on the age of onset of sexual activity
Returning to the previous topic, persuade them to make the decision to start their sexual life when they are ready to respond responsibly to any consequences of their actions. Whether an unwanted pregnancy or the spread of a disease. The American Academy of child and adolescent psychiatry (AACAP, for its acronym in English), does not recommend that impose abstinence as the only option, because if your children are rebellious will only see it as a challenge. In addition, abstinence as the only option left out any discussion, dialogue and openness.
Regulation of fertility and contraceptive use
Whatever explain them about the emotional factor and the appropriate age to have sex, you should prepare them for any contingency. You must create an atmosphere of openness where they can discuss contraception, the correct use of condoms and female condoms.
Unwanted pregnancy
Discuss how life-changing the guys who are in this situation. You can avail yourself of the reality series on television showing how teens give up their lives to be responsible and give them the best life they can for their children. Discuss cases known to have together and discuss all these young people lost by not being careful or have not planned your life.
The severity of the disease / sexually transmitted infections (STI / STD), HIV and AIDS
No one wants their child to get one of these diseases. Prepare to prevent getting an STD. Give them all the information you can.
Sexual abuse
Let them see that no one can force them to do something they do not want and above all to avoid risky situations, such as abuse alcohol, take drugs, to walk alone in unfamiliar places. At this point they will have had many discussions about personal safety. If possible tuck them to a self-defense program.
Gender identity
Since they are small stay tuned and recognizes what the gender with which they identify. No one chooses to be homosexual, is a phenomenon that just happens. You can become a driving force in his life. It is important that lean.