A Small Salesperson for Women’s Shoes

When is a high heel really a high heel?What are wedges and what makes a penny sale?There are now so many different heels in the ladies’ shoes that the orientation is not easy.Then the ghosts quickly divide when it comes to determining the right type of sales.In addition, many of these paragraphs can occur on almost all shoe shapes and intermingle.Since I do not always know exactly what the individual names stand at all, I have once more dealt with the subject of “paragraphs”.And I would like to let you participate, of course.

1. Narrow and high heels for women’s shoes

I tried to divide the paragraphs roughly into 2 groups.This section is about the paragraphs, which are somewhat finer and narrower.Usually, these paragraphs are also very high, which makes their narrow shape even more striking.All of the heels can be found in both boots, pumps and sandals.So they are true all-rounders.Although it is certainly a narrow penny sales of winter boots on icy roads is not the best solution.;)

How high are high heels?

So let’s get straight to the Royal Court of the paragraphs.High heels are very high shoes, the heel must be at least 10 centimeters.How the rest of the shoe is designed is completely irrelevant.They must only have the minimum height of 10 centimeters.

What are Kitten Heels?

Kitten heels are not so well known.They are characterized by very small and narrow heels, which should not be higher than about 4 centimeters.The shape of the heel is reminiscent of the spiked heel, only slightly flatter.So shoes that are a little more practical for everyday life, but still have a very feminine side.

What are stilettos?

Stilettos are very similar to the high heels, they differ only in form.Stilettos are very high and down tapered heels, which also have a minimum height of 10 centimeters.

How do I recognize a Pfennig heap?

A penny heel is a high heel, which becomes ever narrower towards the ground.This paragraph has retained its name by the fact that its peak can not be larger than a penny.

What is a pencil?

The pencil is very similar to the penny heel.However, the overall sales are very thin.Due to its high and extremely narrow shape it reminds more of a pencil than a paragraph, therefore also its name.

2. Large and wide heels for women’s shoes

Where narrow heels appear, there must also be a counterpart.In the case of women’s shoes, this is in the form of broader, sometimes even bolder, heels.They are, however, no less feminine, it always depends on their design.

How do I recognize plateaus?

The question is very easy to answer.Plate extensions have a very wide, often high heel.This is either under the front shoe or under the entire shoe.Many pumps now have a plateau under the front boot.This gives the shoe (and its wearer) more height and stability.In the time of the hippies and as a comeback in the nineties extreme extreme plateaus peaked.Here the shoe was often equipped with an even, very high plateau heel.A trend which, in my opinion, should not be repeated.

What are wedges?

Wedges are also often referred to as wedge heels and this is very good.Wedges are shoes that have a heel that runs wedge-shaped backwards.The forefoot, on the other hand, has only a single sole.Wedges are available in all variants, from flat to very high.They have been experiencing a real boom for several years.This may be due to the fact that they are very comfortable and ensure good stability.Moreover, they are very changeable.Some wedge heels are of course (often in cork optics), while others are made with the same material as the rest of the shoe.

What is a block paragraph?

A block heel is a very wide and strong heel.Block heaps occur at all possible heights.They are very popular with very high heels, as they can run very well and safely on them (even with dizzying heel heights).

I hope now you are a bit smarter when it comes to paragraphs.Which paragraphs do you really prefer?And how high can they be with you?