8 Recommended Products for Fishing


David speaks. We continue to increase the range of products available at our online fishing store.

8 Recommended Products for Fishing

Today I bring you 8 fishing products recommended by the experts from toolkitforfishing.

1. Yuki Anzuelos Ata Machine

The machine elétrica ata hooks Yuki works with a stack of 1.5 V which is not included. Mounts hooks quickly, easily and very simply. It comes with the included operating instructions and graphics for a better understanding of its use.

The Yuki hook-up machine can handle a wide variety of sizes of hooks and wires with great ease. Simple and useful.

2. Rapala Ruk4bx Knife

The Rapala Ruk4BX knife is perfect for cutting jobs. It is made of extremely sharp stainless steel that does not resist anything.

Its handle is of high comfort and protects the fingers of possible risks in the cut.Its ease of cleaning stands out.

3. Yuki Shake Nozzle

One of the most modern chopper indicators of Yuki that you can buy today.

Yuki’s patented luminous and sound bite detector is very easy to place. Carry a clamp with a silicone protector to prevent our rod from cracking and a simple switch on the back that it does is to connect or disconnect the Yuki sting signal.

Once the set time will be made to place the warning chopped Yuki in our cane, put the line on the unit and wait for the ground to be warned by an audible or light signal. Ideal fishing alarm for fishing from dock, surfcasting

This is one of the warning signs of surfcasting that works in a very sensitive way and will detect even the most subtle bites both brightly and acoustically.

Be wary of the fishing alarms of the Chinese, homemade or decathlon and opt for the professional quality provided by Yuki in this model.

4. Gorilla Uc4

Fluorocarbon fishing thread Gorilla UC4.

For years the Gorilla UC4  fishing line of  the Tubertini brand has been one of the most famous threads used by fishermen in all types of fishing.

It is used for making mother lines, winding reels or for tying hooks. It stands out for its high performance on clear days and with moderate diameters.

It’s an off-shore fishing line. It is recommended to use with the sea in bad condition where the breaks and strong currents make fishing difficult. These lines eliminate curls and are not deformed.

It is a fishing line of light and smooth that facilitates to make big sets without effort. It is a monofilament (polyamide copolymer) with a high resistance to knot and abrasion. In addition, it has little memory and an almost total invisibility under water.

It is important to note that  Tubertini’s Gorilla UC4 yarns may be slightly oversized, meaning that the actual size may be slightly higher than the one indicated by the manufacturer. Coils of 150 m and 350 m.

5. Yokozuma Ryoshi Surf Reel

The Yokozuna Ryoshi Surf reel is one of the best selling surfcasting reels of our online fishing shop.

An example of this powerful fishing reel are its three extra coils to compete with those that come from the factory, its low weight and its resistance to oxidation. It stands out for its quality and equipment.

6. Yuki Portfolio Bag

Excellent Yuki spool reel that has a handle to transport our reels and have them protected from the inclemencies of the weather, the sand of the beach or sea salt.In addition, its padded surface gives us extra protection against unwanted blows.

Capacity for one or two reels according to measure.

Measurements: 20 x 11 x 17 centimeters.

7. Fishing Equipment Enygma Lugga

Fishing Equipment Enygma Lugga (reed and reel combo) for long range Surfcasting, which we present to you this time, is ideal to surprise your friends and rivals in more than one sense, because just from sight both teams are really spectacular in Every detail, starting with the Enygma Lugga de Vercelli cane with 3 sections that add up to 4.20 meters long, made of carbon, which makes it very light (548 grams) and manageable, standing out for the maneuverability that allows without losing adhesion, Thanks to the ergonomic handle, on the other hand, is equipped with Fuji K Alconite high quality rings, a Power Tip tubular toe and reinforcement bushes.

To complement this thin rod we have chosen the Shimano Ultegra XSC 10000 reel, which is the evolution of the famous Shimano XSB, but in this reel incorporates X-Ship technology for greater recovery power that reaches up to 105 cm per revolution, Which is much appreciated in the Surfcasting, as well as its price, honestly inferior to its great quality, especially if we count that comes with an extra coil.

It should be noted that the products have a 2 year warranty and are shipped at no cost to the door of your home. Get your combo now!

8. Low Besugo Great Fund

Cash on line chambel Handmade fishing for bream a great background from boat assembled and ready to use. It is presented in individual blister pack for quick assembly.

With the threads of flurocarbono and hooks super resistant of first quality there will be no bream for very great that is that you can not take with this fishing terminal.

We are talking about an assembly that is giving excellent results in the fishing of the sea bream in Ibiza during the last years.