7 Pieces 7 Outfits: a Week Bygestylt

“I have NOTHING to dress”is the desperate exclamation when looking into the wardrobe.How about”I have SEVEN THINGS to dress”?We have put together seven out-of-the-ordinary clothes from the Bigtex-Online-Shop seven outfits with which you are attracted from Monday to Sunday!

The Chosen

The trend is increasingly moving away from”everything”and towards minimalism.Only the most necessary possess is the motto here.We give you the opportunity to give your wardrobe a minimalist makeover.Everything must be gone, except the seven most important things.Can you do it with only seven parts through the week?Find it out!

Having only seven parts through the week is a challenge, but the project is not possible.Two pants, two shirts, two sweaters and a T-shirt are all that man needs.These seven pieces of clothing can be combined in a simple and universal manner.So they create the perfect foundation for seven fantastic outfits.The only thing you should not forget, may be your underwear t-shirt once a week.


Miesepetrig the Monday is absolutely out.Assembly are from now on, to be particularly beautiful and to master new challenges with raised chin.

So it’s time to dress up on Monday:the combination of black jeans and a shirt is unbeatable.The cold colors leave the outfit serious and business-like, but at the same time modern.The comfort should of course not be neglected in a business outfit, which is why the white T- shirt ensures a comfortable fit of the shirt.

In this outfit, you can confidently and top-styled everything that the professional life throws at your feet.

The certain extra:although not part of the essential sieves, the business ensemble skilfully rounded off: the dark blue tie .Nothing says “I stand confidently in the job!”Like a tie.

Suggestion:This outfit calls for a suit to complete the business image.

Tuesday:Black and White

Tuesday is a classic:with this timeless black and white combination, you can not go wrong.The simple black pants are now combined with a white T-shirt and rounded off with a black sweater .Suitable for the office, the restaurant and a quiet evening at home:the universal color palette of the outfit ensures that you feel comfortable in all situations.

Advantage:Whether colorful sneakers or colorful spectacle frames – the colored combinations with the black and white outfit are endless.

Wednesday:After Work

The middle of the week is reached – that calls for a round of after-work drinks.With these three parts you are beautifully dressed, for the sociable enjoyment of the well-earned celebration evening in the next bar.

The look, dominated by black pants and black cardigan, gives your outfit the necessary seriousness for the workplace, while the flannel shirt, which emanates from the cardigan, promises a relaxing social evening.As soon as the working day has been reached, the cardigan can be opened or tied around the hips to transform the outfit from day to night.

Thursday:Date Night

With this ensemble one gets smooth smooth knees.The romantic red tone of the fine knit sweater is contrasting and emphasized by the underlying shirt in its cool color.The charming look is complemented by the combination with black pants.In this outfit you can enchant your opponent at the next date with charm and style.

Advantage:If you do not have to go on the merlot with merlot, do not worry, because pants and sweaters will forgive the little malheur immediately.

Friday:Casual Friday

If even the boss with marigold socks comes to work, we welcome the casual Friday welcome!The black pants allow you a break today and instead your favorite jeans from the wardrobe crumple.In addition, throw a white T-shirt and the red sweater – the Casual Friday can begin.This also means that the T-shirt today can swing over the pants.

And to make sure your feet are comfortable, you can now wear your favorite toddlers without reputating glare.

Saturday:Men’s night

This week will be Saturday with the best friends.So open the beer bottles and chip bags, because it’s called men’s night.For your wardrobe, look for a cozy outfit that you do not have to think about.The Bluejeans dress with a white T-shirt and a flannel shirt over it – finished.The flannel shirt can be worn open or buttoned as desired.

Sunday:Casual at home

The day of rest is probably the most unpredictable day of the week.Behind a Sunday, you can relax as well as relaxing family get-togethers or adventurous hikes.

In this very simple but effective outfit you are prepared for all eventualities.In jeans, t-shirt and sweater , you can comfortably climb on the sofa or climb up the steps quickly without overheating.And even Grandma will not complain about your appearance at the family meeting.

Bonus Outfit:Relaxed with style

What would be a week without jogging pants?For most of us an unimaginable situation, why this bonus outfit takes its place of honor on the eighth day of the week.

We freed the jogging trousers from their disguised Gammellook image and instead they missed a portion of glamor with this aristocratic house coat.Never was relaxation so glamorous.


As you can see, you are already equipped with only seven pieces of clothing (plus a bonus outfit for cozy hours in between) for a whole week.For an overview of the individual parts as well as the outfit combinations our weekly planner helps you.

The must-haves in your wardrobe …

These garments may not be missing for the styling of their 7 outfits for 7 days:

… and how you can combine them

And so you combine the basics to 7 different outfits – one for every day of the week.

yourself! Pick your top 7 parts from the Bigtex Onlineshop and test for a week how minimalist your wardrobe can actually be.