5 Trends for Earrings

The fashion is constantly changing and showing us news every season. In addition to clothing, accessories such as handbags and jewelry are reinvented to meet an increasingly demanding consumer audience. In this particular article, we’ll talk about one of the most important pieces and that are able to give an up in any look: the earrings for parties and events.

Next, you’ll know what’s new in this market and how to choose the right models for special occasions. Continue reading and find out!

1. Cascades of pearls

Pearls never go out of style. They are reinvented season after season to talk to the latest models of earrings. This time, the novelty is the string of pearls in cascade arrangement.

For those more classic women who do not dispense with an eternal jewel, they are the best requested. The good thing is that the touch of modernity is only in the format, giving the look a classic contrast, perfect for special occasions.

5 Trends for Earrings

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2. Maxi earrings

The maxi earrings have emerged a few seasons ago as a stylish accessory alternative. As there are a large number of models (geometric, Indian, colored, with stones etc), it is worth betting on a varied range of options for their customers .

Colored gemstones have stood out in the most sophisticated productions. Amethyst, quartz, emeralds, rubies, sapphire, tourmaline are just some of the most sought after options.

Because they are large, maxi earrings are often the main characters in the look. Therefore, regardless of the format or design, it should be clear to the clientele that the clothes cannot dispute attention with the jewelry.

3. Aged silver

Less is more, especially when it comes to exquisite jewelry. One of the biggest bets of the 2017 season are the earrings of aged silver, which give a clean, modern and sophisticated look.

These pieces give a special touch to a party production, since they are perfect with any style of clothing – that is, they are quite versatile and elegant. The shield-shaped, dotted and cracked-drop models are among the most requested, given their ease of combination. There is even the ornamentation with colored stones, which give an extra charm.

4. Earring on one side only

The international catwalks have already shown and they promise to take care of the wardrobe of the most fashionistas women. Yes, we are talking about the one-sided earrings. They are larger pieces, full of color and brilliance, to break the monotony and the obvious symmetry of the looks.

The fan models with small diamonds are the right bet for those who want something more elegant. However, if your customer likes something more minimalist, there are smaller models such as silver or gold wires adorned with a pendant at the end.

5. Earrings for parties with different pairs

Just like the one-sided earring, the different pairs are also a bet of custom jewelry in vogue today. The pair’s asymmetrical effect lends style to production. One of the most interesting models are the ear cuffs with gemstones, diamonds, rhodium or emerald among other stones.

To create harmony, it is worth betting on those models that have one side more discreet and the other more extravagant. It is important that the colors are also similar to give more sophistication to the party look.

The trends are quite versatile and cater to all tastes, as you could glean. The idea is to always bring something unique to your jewelry store, such as a distinctive colored stone or a different model, so you can attract more customers.

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