5 Tips for Taking Care of Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is an essential piece in the male wardrobe. For being a piece that combines for any occasion, no matter what costume you will wear, she ends up becoming very used in cold days. This makes it necessary to take some care with the piece made of leather.

Leather, when it is not well maintained, ends up spoiling a lot sooner than it should, causing you to need to keep buying new pieces, when they could have used any longer. So, to make your leather jacket last longer, you should follow these tips:

1) the heat can damage the leather.

The leather in contact with heat can dry out, causing your jacket starts to really Peel. So, put your jacket in the Sun can be very harmful for her, causing her to be damaged and even deformed.

The same occurs with iron clothes. Avoid this type of jacket, not to create further damage in the play. But if she’s really beat up, never put the iron directly on the leather, use a thick cloth on the jacket and pass the wrinkled parts.

2) you need to know to keep the jacket properly.

Keep the leather jacket in the closet and leave her along with the other cold jackets can get her ruin. That’s because the leather jacket needs to be stored in a cool and well-ventilated place to prevent fungus.

Avoid storing this jacket in plastic bags, because they keep the leather breathe. So, find a suitable place to store your jacket so that it has more time.

Don’t forget to leave her in a rack, to avoid unnecessary marks and dents. How much wider is the hanger, the better.

3) never store the wet jacket.

If you went out and took the rain with your jacket, anything to keep it that way. Before storing it, wipe it and then let it dry completely at room temperature before storing.

The same goes for when you’re passing a damp cloth on your jacket to clean it. Before storing, make sure that she is completely dry.

4) Moisturize the leather.

The leather can be hydrated so that lasts longer, taking a look again. To moisturize the leather you can pass a common skin moisturizer (unscented), with the help of a cloth.

There are products that are specific to moisturize the leather. You can use them if you don’t mind spending a little more. However, a common moisturizer that should prevent the drying out leather.

After applying the moisturizer, let it dry naturally before storing your jacket.

5) washing should be done by a professional.

If you notice that the leather is in need of a good cleaning, it is advisable that you take to a dry cleaner, because there they will have the necessary equipment to clean, sanitize and dry your jacket in a way that doesn’t bring harm.

If you properly care for your jacket, cleaning and moisturizing periodically, this professional cleaning procedure may be postponed or even prevented. Let this wash for when it’s really necessary.

What to do in case of mold?

The mold is very common with leather jackets, especially when they are stored in inappropriate locations and with poor ventilation.

If you notice that the jacket is full of white spots, getting with a greyish appearance, it is mold.

To clean the mold you can use vinegar of course, with the help of a cloth. When you notice that the cloth mold and dirt are all him.

After passing the vinegar, you should dry the leather with another cloth. So wait a while and spend a moisturizer. In this case you can use almond oil, as it helps to get the smell of mildew and vinegar. Pour oil directly into the leather and spread it with your hands. You can leave a good layer of oil on the leather. Wait about 15 minutes for the leather absorbs the oil and then just take the excesses.

That way you will properly take care of your leather jacket, making it last longer, always look like new.

It’s interesting that you do the cleaning and moisturizing of your jacket about twice a year.