5 Cities of Portugal That Has Even Know

Portugal is a country rich in history, tradition and, above all, in beauty. And these are, for us, the most beautiful cities of Portugal. Visit them all!

5 Cities of Portugal That Has Even Know

All of the days arrive the Uk, thousands of people from other countries. Want to get to know the culture, hear the stories, experience the cuisine and revel in the sights with monuments and landscapes beautiful.

The habit makes with that, many times, this will pass you by, but the truth is that Portugal has this and much more.

Has sun and warmth, there are people who know so well receive. Has flavors and odors characteristic. Has the sea. Has the field. Has sierra. And has wonderful cities, a unique beauty and authentic, that you must seek to know and these are, for us, the most beautiful. Learn about the 5 cities of Portugal you must visit, at least once in your life!


A list of the most beautiful cities of Portugal would begin, inevitably, with the historic city of Guimarães, cradle of Portugal and classified as World Heritage in 2001 by UNESCO, either by the history and architecture well preserved, either by the key role it has been playing throughout history and formation of the Portuguese nation.

Guimarães is notable for its architecture, which combines medieval arches, in reúnas with traditional wooden houses dating from the SIXTEENTH century and gothic chapels, but also by the monumental castle that joins the styles from romanesque and baroque.

The picturesque town of Guimaraes, located in the district of Braga, is one of the most important destinations in the historical of the country, having been chosen by the first king of Portugal, D. Afonso Henriques, the capital of the Kingdom of Portugal and, therefore, a fascinating location to visit.

The city is full of winding alleyways, lined with old houses decorated with statuary, which lead to the charming main square, the Largo da Oliveira.

If you don’t know Guimarães, the ideal will be that visit in the first week of August during the Festas Gualterianas. There is a fair of arts and crafts as well as animations. Worth a stop-if spellbound by the story.


The historic town of tomar is located in the District of Santarém, in the sub-region of the Middle Tagus and the monuments declared World Heritage by Unesco, the Castle of Tomar and the Convent of Christ.

Always full of life due to the various feasts and festivals that annually take place in Tomar, this is one of the most beautiful cities of Portugal, and that must be visited.

Enjoy the Feast of the Trays or the Fair of Santa Iria to move the Take and get to know a little more about their culture and tradition, visit the fabulous monuments or the archaeological relics and let yourself be enchanted by this Portuguese city.


Aveiro, the Venice of Portugal, is one of the most beautiful cities of Portugal thanks to its network of canals throughout the city. It is a city unique and charming, which joins history with modernity.

The whitewashed houses, with facades of traditional tiles made from ceramic tiles vitrified painted in a wide variety of patterns and colors make this city a paradise for hikers.

If you are a fan of history, you must visit the Cathedral of Aveiro. a masterpiece of baroque architecture. If you prefer to travel through the city, there are plenty of corners to explore, small bridges to cross and inviting beaches to enjoy.


If you are looking to experience a fairy tale, is in the city of Sintra. Although small, Sintra is the town of castles and palaces, giving any visitor a feeling of living in a magical world.

Played an important role in all eras of Portuguese history, welcoming kings, nobles, and the moors and is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful cities of Portugal.

The Pena National Palace is must to visit, an icon of the mixing of styles (neo-gothic, neo-renaissance and neo-islamic), which refers to the castles of princes and princesses, but by its architecture colorful, but the attractions of Sintra are not staying there. There are still other palaces/monasteries which deserve a visit.

Enjoy also the surrounding areas, with a wonderful vegetation.


The city of Coimbra is since long considered the cultural center and the country’s intellectual, inspiring works of poets and writers acclaimed and still having a long tradition of serenades of fado, full of feeling. Not to mention the legacy of rituals academics that brings with it.

Steeped in history, Coimbra hosts some of the most revered customs and monuments of the region, since it is full of traces of the roman occupation and of the domain medieval.

If you like history, visit the ancient ruins of Conimbriga, Museu Nacional de Machado de Castro, Sé Velhaand the Santa Cruz Church, between other wonderful landmarks. Do not miss the visit in Coimbra.

If you are young, go for Coimbra, during the festivities academics, more specifically during the Burning of the Ribbons, the celebration of the completion of the degree, which occurs in mid-May, and immerse yourself in the lively celebrations, a time when the streets fill with black capes.

If you have kids, take them to get to know the Portugal of the Little ones, a space where we can explore replicas, either of monuments and national buildings, both replicas of the typical villages in portugal. Will love it!