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When it comes to clothing, men’s fashion, albeit different from women’s, also changes with season change. And in this scenario, many say that men’s fashion is easier to follow when compared to women’s, but, being fashionable for men, is not so simple, since if it is not enough simply to renew the wardrobe, and yes be aware of what happens in the universe of trends.

Fashion winter 2016

Many people are looking for what are the main options and tips of what to use in winter 2016.Finding tips and advice on the subject is not one of the most difficult tasks, because different websites specialized in the subject, images and texts commenting on trends are accessible on the internet.This characteristic has been increasingly present in the masculine profile of the present day.For the winter what attracts attention are the Trench Coat, that is, full-bodied coats to withstand the cold days.

Blouses with Thimbles

The men’s blouses come with a very nice detail on the sleeve the Tumbhole (Thimble) to make the hand more protected, many people call it a glove, because with the long sleeve it looks like a glove.This blouse makes a more youthful, modern and stylish style.

Winter footwear

For winter 2016 the trend is the Chelsea Boots suede model, the style that will rock this winter.At first the boot is being developed by Kildare, but is not yet available here in Brazil.The thing is to wait until the boots are in the shop windows.

Larger blouses

The pieces worn on the top of the suit are getting larger, longer sleeves and the body wider, giving the appearance of a larger size.This style is known as Oversized and is present in blouses and jackets providing greater comfort and well being for men.That style “mama so strong”, that is, the striped sweaters in the body are the days counted. Here at cosycardigan you can get more different models of the men’s fashion. Larger styles without much information in neutral colors are coming to stay.

Men’s Accessories

The cap arrives with great style to give a cool charm in the masculine look of winter.The caps look great with all styles, from the most formal to the casual ones.With the above tips you can dress without fear of making mistakes using the trends in your favor and giving a touch of your style to the look.

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