10 Tips for TOEFL Multiple Choice Questions

It is important to know the strategies to answer a multiple choice test, such as the TOEFL and TOEIC. In such tests, the questions often include “tracks”, which can help you identify the correct answer.

So, if you think present in the near future the TOEFL, TOEIC or some other multiple choice exam, I recommend you follow these tips:

1 read carefully the instructions before moving on to questions, they show you exactly what to do. Here are some real examples:

  • Choose the most correct answer
  • Mark the one best answer
  • Mark all correct anwers
  1. When you read the question, anticipates the answer before reading options. If your answer lies within the options, it is very likely that it is correct.
  2. always read all the options. Even if you have the early response and this is within the first options, it continues analyzing other possibilities. It is likely that there is a better option at the end of the list of answers.

4 learn to quickly eliminate choices that are obviously incorrect. Many questions have only two incorrect options. Detect and discard them. Read the question again and focus on the 2 remaining options.

  1. it is relevant information in question and underlines. In many cases, this key information is implicit in the answer.
  2. in paragraphs where you find “all of the above” option:
  • If you know that 2 of the options are correct, you must choose “all of the above”.
  • If really you are sure that one of the options is incorrect, you must elminiar this option and the ‘all of the above’ option and choose one of the remaining options.
  1. the options that denote amplitude or generalize, tend to be wrong. You must watch out for words such as: always, never, necessarily, only, must, completely, totally , and some more.
  2. in contrast, the options that contain information carefully selected, tend to be correct. These responses usually include words like: often, sometimes, perhaps, may and generally.
  3. do not leave any questions unanswered. If you don’t know the answer, discards incorrect-sounding options and choose which you think is best. Answers typically have the same value in the section, so if you got because you really know it or by divination, your score will not be affected.
  4. If in any questions you have the answer to elejiste question, I recommend that you marques to identify it. If subtract you time, returns to the question and more calmly analyzes the response and change it, if this is the case. There are many myths about the best way to take the examination, among them is the ‘not returning to change the answer’, but if the weather permits you, give you the opportunity. This will not hurt your test score and can be beneficial.

If you know another strategy to present a multiple choice exam, or want to make a comment, we invite you to share in the “comments section” of this entry.